Engineering Outsourcing

Avenston is an Engineering Outsourcing Provider with practical experience on Ukrainian and International market and have got big portfolio of projects with various difficulty levels — from private houses to large commercial enterprises. We started to serve as an engineering outsourcing provider since 2009. The first projects of large scale PV power plants construction were started in 2010 to get benefits from local FIT.

Experience in solar energy

Our company has practical experience in the following issues: project management, engineering, design and installation of power generation, transition and distribution systems (low, middle and high voltage up to 35 kV), commissioning works, operations and services, quality management, industrial consulting in renewable and fossil energy sectors.

With easy access to Eastern European talent, Avenston has joined a team of qualified professionals with years of practical experience in the field of alternative energy and energy efficiency. Key employees have been educated in prestigious universities and have extensive experience in senior positions in major national and international companies. Our qualifications and professional experience allow us to perform projects of any complexity.

To meet your needs, Avenston maintains an in-house staff of experienced structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. Our engineering department has years of experience in the design of varying complexity systems accordingly to international standards. Our construction department constantly shares its experience with our engineering team to improve the quality of each new project. Company value is quality of services and people as most important asset.

We practice individual approach to each customer, aiming at the most effective problem solving and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. You can have confidence that we will complete your project, whether large or small, and no matter how complex, on time and within budget as demonstrated by our years of experience. Coordination, efficiency, and quality of your project are enhanced, as our engineers and construction project managers share the same facilities and engage in frequent and easy communication.

Full-service engineering firm

Founded as a full-service consulting engineering firm, Avenston has supported our clients success be delivering award-winning services throughout Ukraine and Internationally. We provide Build Design, MEP and Conventional Engineering services in these categories, in addition to our work in renewable energy sector:

  • Industrial Process and Facilities Design
  • Project and construction Management

Expansive Industrial Engineering Competencies:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Plant & Facilities Layout
  • Process Piping /materials Handling Systems Design
  • Electrical, Mechanical, & Structural Engineering Design
  • Fabrication & Installation Drawings
  • As-Built Documentation

We combine our sound engineering practices and years of experience with transparency and accountability. Partnership, open communication, and incorporation of your standards into the work that we perform are the foundation of our relationships with our clients. We are recognized for this and for consistently responding to the needs and expectations of its clients. You value your project done right, done on time, and done within budget. We have earned a reputation as a firm that knows how to deliver.

One of the key competencies of Avenston is the experience of the successful implementation of projects for the engineering and construction of industrial solar power plants.

Development of design documentation for PV power plants

Electrical Engineering:

  • Grid connection support
  • Power systems analysis and studies
  • Electrical design and system specification
  • SCADA and communication systems specification
  • Electrical loss assessments
  • Solar farms and grid compliance assessment
  • Electrical equipment technology reviews
  • Electrical system, SCADA and communication site survey and technical support
  • Power quality evaluation and monitoring.

Development of Design Documentation:

  • Plant Optimization → LCOE → DC/AC output → Nominal power ratio sizing and system compatibility.
  • Conceptual Design
  • PV Plant Layouts → Plant Location Scheme → Overall Layout (General Implantation Plan) → General Implantation Plant of Photovoltaic Modules (String and module grouping) → Module Orientation & Inclination Details → Row Spacing Details → Implantation of Junction Boxes → Junction Boxes Implantation Details
  • Civil-Structural Engineering → Mounting structure Foundation & Attachment Design o PV array Support Sections and details → Design of Equipment Pads & Shade Structures → Fences → Light System
  • Low-Voltage Electrical Design → Shading Analysis → PV Array Layouts → LV Ditches Implantation → Single & Three-Line Diagrams o General Single Line Diagram o AC Single Line Diagram o Auxiliary Switchboard Single Line Diagram — Delivery Station o Auxiliary Switchboard Single Line Diagram — Transformer Center o Auxiliary Switchboard Single Line Diagram — Control House → Interconnection Design (including connectors, connection boxes, switches) → Cable/Harness Drawings (cable run lengths and sizes) o DC Cable — Serial Cable o DC Cable — PV Modules to Junction Box o DC Cable — Junction Box to Inverter o Auxiliary Services Cable Implantation
  • Inverter and substation design → Inverter mounting plan
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems → Ground Protection Grid → Service and Protection Ground Grid
  • Medium/High Voltage Electrical Design → Transformer & Switchgear Specifications → Transformer Center / Delivery Station Implantation → MV Ditches Implantation → MV Ditches Cross Sections → MV Maintenance Hole Details → MV Cable Implantation → MV Collector System Design → MV Single Line Diagram → AC cables → Metering → Grid connection. → Earthing and Surge Protection
  • Site Security System Design → Security System Ditches Implantation → Security System Ditches Cross Sections → Security System Maintenance Hole Details
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting System Design. → Monitoring System Ditches Implantation → Monitoring System Ditches Cross Sections
  • Architectural and Construction Drawings → Site security and access. → Site condition including site drainage design and internal roads design.
  • Bills of Materials

As-Built Documentation