AVENSTON congratulated EUEA on its 10th anniversary

On November 14, 2019, the 10th European-Ukrainian Energy Day was held in Kyiv in honor of the 10th anniversary of EUEA, the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency. The annual event took place in the format of the strategic session «New Era of Sustainable Development of RES and EE in Ukraine – Horizon 2025», during which the strategic directions for the development of the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors were outlined.

AVENSTON became an official partner of the EnergoDay and the 10th anniversary of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency.

During the formal, AVENSTON CEO Dmytro Lukomskyi presented a sweet symbolic gift from the company and sincerely congratulated EUEA with respect and gratitude:

“For 10 years now, the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency has been successfully bringing together our industry professionals into one large family. The agency has become a benchmark in global trends, business practices, opportunities and an effective platform for business communications. Today is your birthday, and it is a great honor for us to be here and share these remarkable emotions with you! We ask you to accept this little gift from our AVENSTON company as a testimonial of respect and appreciation.

This is a tasty prototype of a sundial – a real time chronometer. Since ancient times, the sundial has been a symbol of constant forward movement, a landmark for discoverers, and all of it corresponds to EUEA’s missions. Thank you, partners, for your contribution to the development of Ukraine’s energy sector. Happy Birthday!!!”.

Representatives of IRENA, EBRD and top management of the banking sector, leaders of the energy sector of the European Union and Ukraine, as well as ambassadors of EU, US and China welcomed the anniversary. The formal was held in a friendly and open atmosphere, because that night, EUEA traditionally united like-minded energy industry members over a glass of festive champagne!

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