Solar Investment Promotion Committee

On the initiative of Avenston, at a regular meeting of the Board of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine (ASEU), which took place on May 18, 2021, it was decided to create a new committee within the Association – the Committee on Attracting Investments in the Solar Energy Industry.

The Investment Committee is a permanent advisory body that will bring together investors, developers, entrepreneurs and solar experts. The goal of the ASEU Investment Committee is to become a practical tool to support Ukrainian business in the implementation of investment projects directly related to the solar energy industry. The main task of the Committee is to help attract investment in solar energy projects of various types and sizes.

Key areas of work:

  • Private solar power plants
  • Commercial solar power plants for self-consumption
  • Solar energy cooperatives
  • Solar power plants up to 1 MW operating at a “green” tariff
  • Solar power plants from 1 MW, operating according to the system of auctions
  • Support for investment programs on the retrofitting of existing solar power plants (energy storage, forecasting, etc.)
  • Projects for the construction or modernization of manufacturing facilities, the products of which are used in solar energy projects.

If you have an investment request regarding projects on the Ukrainian solar energy market, please fill out this form. As a result, you will receive feedback from the Office of the Investment Committee of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine.

The Solar Energy Association of Ukraine is the most specialized association of the solar industry in Ukraine, which includes investors of industrial solar power plants, design companies, EPC-contractors and developers of solar power plants, O&M service companies of solar power plants, manufacturers of equipment for solar power plants, distributors and installers of small solar power plants, energy-related legal and consulting companies, insurance and transport companies, solar panel recycling companies, and home solar plant owners.

Avenston Group specializes in consulting, investing and implementing renewable energy technologies and energy efficient solutions. The group’s areas of activity: solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, hydropower, geothermal energy, agricultural sector, industry, commercial real estate. The main factors that make it possible to implement investment projects at the highest quality level are many years of practical experience, as well as Avenston’s deep technical, legal and financial expertise.

Avenston Group is one of the founders of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine and is a member of its Board. We invite all companies that work in the field of solar energy to join the work of the newly created Committee. Let’s develop solar energy together!

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