Our representative headed the Investment Committee of ASEU

We are proud to announce that the head of the supervisory board of the Avenston group of companies and member of the board of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine Dmytro Lukomskyi headed the Investment Committee of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine.

The Committee is a permanent advisory body that brings together investors, developers, entrepreneurs and experts in the field of solar energy. The purpose of the Committee is to become a practical tool for supporting Ukrainian business in the implementation of investment projects in the field of solar energy.

Ukrainian solar energy industry certainly has great prospects associated with global trends. This makes the industry potentially attractive for investment, opening the Ukrainian market to investors from all over the world. The main task of the Investment Committee of the Solar Energy Association is precisely to maximize the further development of the industry, uniting developers, PV asset owners and investors from Ukraine and other countries.

The areas of activity of the Investment Committee cover all types of solar power plants, solar energy cooperatives, investment programs for the retrofitting of existing green energy facilities with additional systems (energy storage, forecasting, etc.), as well as investment projects for the construction or modernization of manufacturing facilities, the products of which are used in the field of solar energy.

Participation in the webinar “Understanding the Solar Energy Market of Ukraine”

At the webinar "Understanding the Solar Energy Market of Ukraine", representatives of Ukrainian and foreign companies discussed the COVID19 pandemic impact on the industry, new legislation, and others. Participants shared how their companies cope with all the difficulties and what opportunities they see.
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Energy storage systems: industrial and domestic

Since the discovery of electricity, people have been looking for effective energy storage methods for its further usage if needed. Nowadays, there is a rapid increase in generating capacities around the world, which has led to the development of energy accumulation technologies for large-scale electricity production.
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Agrivoltaics – Synergy of the Earth and the Suns

Now, with the development of PV technology, agrivoltaics becomes mainstream and opens up new, unprecedented prospects for the development of commodity agricultural production, while simultaneously solving the problems of energy supply for these processes. And not only them.
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The attractiveness of Ukrainian solar energy

In 2017, a new record for the capacity of solar power plants put into operation in Ukraine could be set.
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