проектирование систем электроснабжения

Power supply

Power supply system typically include power plants that generate electricity, power grids and substations whose function is to transmit, convert and distribute electricity, and equipment that consumes electricity. Power supply systems differ depending on their tasks, power and the amount of electricity consumption. They can be industrial, agricultural, household and communal.

Twenty-first century electrical systems are advancing at an equal pace to other building components. While the fundamental objective is to provide secure and optimal system performance, the increasing sophistication and complexity of buildings have become further dependent on energy conscious electrical systems for environment control.

Electrical design

Avenston provides services for the design of power supply systems for various types of facilities. The technical design has to be developed and agreed upon prior to the installation of power supply systems. The reliability of the power grid, the uninterrupted operation of electrical equipment and the absence of excess losses energy resources depend on the correct design. Errors in working drawings can lead not only to malfunction of the entire system or individual equipment, but also to the occurrence of a short circuit and fire.

By incorporating all aspects of planning and design, our electrical engineers are skilled in ensuring an electrical system that increases productivity and reliability.

  • Lighting Systems and Controls
  • Low & Medium Voltage Power Distribution Systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Grounding Systems and Controls

In Avenston, you can order the development of a power supply project of any complexity. Our specialists will study your object, carry out calculations, draw up a diagram of engineering systems and select the appropriate equipment.

Electrical installation work

Avenston performs electrical installation activities of any complexity, using the latest technology. Our electrical department performs work efficiently, on time, in accordance with requirements of working drawings, regulatory documents, and customer specification. Avenston guarantees the quality of the performed work of any complexity, using the equipment and accessories of leading world and domestic manufacturers.

Electrical work consists in the assembly, installation and laying of electrical equipment, systems or individual elements. The electrical installation work has been carried out by our specialists for many years at a consistently high level.

Industrial installation of electrical equipment consists in the installation of cable structures, switchboards, explosive electrical equipment, installation of lighting and power networks, lamps, dividers. The final stage is the commissioning of electric power equipment and its commissioning.

Installation of electrical networks includes the installation of power distribution networks, lighting networks, lighting equipment, assembly and adjustment of electrical panels, all types of switchboard equipment, installation and grounding of the circuit, installation of overhead power line cables during the construction of power transmission lines, commissioning and commissioning of the facility.

One of the most important and crucial stages in the installation of external engineering grids is the activities for their installation, testing and commissioning. The lifetime of engineering systems depends on the quality of these works. Predominantly, the installation of external grids is a complex of earthworks for the installation of trenches for cables and pipelines underground. These activities must be coordinated with municipal authorities; therefore, the installation requirements are determined at the stage of design. The cost of work is calculated after approval on design solutions when drawing up an estimate.

The process of laying internal engineering grids is also determined at the stage of developing project documentation for a specific object and is subject to approval. It is best to lay electrical power grids during the construction phase of the facility, after the roof and walls have been built. You can learn more about the features of the installation of electrical grids by contacting the specialists of our Avenston.

Our company has been performing electrical work since 2018. During this time, we have formed a well-coordinated and professional team of specialists who quickly and efficiently carry out their work, following the prescriptions of regulatory documents and the Rules for Electrical Installations (PUE) in Ukraine. All employees of our company have diplomas of secondary or higher electrical engineering education and a valid electrical safety admission group.

The staff of our company employs the best specialists in power energy with many years of practical experience in this field. Our employees are constantly improving their skills. Among our portfolio we have implemented are a large number of projects mounted and built by our team in different years and in different regions of Ukraine. Therefore, if you are interested in the electrical installation activities, please, contact Avenston.