монтаж систем освещения


Avenston company carries out the whole range of design and installation of indoor and outdoor lighting systems. At the moment we offer the installation of indoor lighting systems for buildings and structures, illumination of house facades, design and installation of outdoor and industrial lighting systems for construction sites, industrial, trade and logistics facilities. The company employs professional electricians and installers with experience in performing such work.

The main stages of the installation of lighting systems can include the following types of work:

  • Installation of poles for outdoor lighting
  • Laying of cables and installation of reinforcement structures
  • Installation of ground and suspended lighting elements
  • Connection to control system
  • Commissioning the system
  • Installation of indoor lighting

The process of installing lighting systems usually begins with the supply of power cables to the poles (overhead or underground). This is followed by the installation of the lighting control system, installation and connection of luminaires and the performance of grounding works. At the next stage, if necessary, digging of trenches is performed for laying the cable. After that, electrical cables are laid and connected, and the trenches are filled up after the necessary controls and measurements have been completed. Lighting equipment is selected based on the specified power parameters, external design, functionality and automation criteria. For the installation of external lighting systems, luminaire structures protected from moisture and mechanical damage are used. At the stage of putting the lighting system into operation, all breakdowns and damage that occurred during the installation of lighting equipment are identified and eliminated.

Our specialists will carry out the installation of all types of lighting systems (working, duty, security, emergency). Work lighting is the main type of lighting and is provided for all areas of buildings (open spaces intended for work, people and traffic). Emergency lighting is used to illuminate premises outside of working hours (for example, to illuminate the security post and corridors). Security lighting is provided along the boundaries of protected areas. The required level of illumination is determined by the type of security equipment used (video cameras). Emergency lighting is divided into evacuation and backup lighting.

Avenston employees will quickly and efficiently perform all the necessary work to create a lighting system. We undertake the whole range of turnkey works, starting with the design of such systems and ending with their commissioning with subsequent service.