Legal support of solar PV projects

The construction of solar power plants requires not only the correct organizational and technical approach, but also the solution of many legal issues. Avenston, relying on many years of own experience in the implementation of similar projects, provides powerful legal support at all stages of the life cycle of the construction of solar power plants. We provide comprehensive legal support, including obtaining all necessary permits, agreeing on all legal issues related to the terms of work under construction contracts, legal support for the import of necessary equipment, consulting the customer and the general contractor on tax and labor legislation, as well as legal support of negotiations between the general contractor and customer, subcontractors, electricity suppliers, energy companies and government regulators.

Owner’s Engineering Services for Solar Projects

Avenston provides Owner's Engineering Services for Solar PV Projects covering project construction supervision, design review, project&contract management and acceptance tests.
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Green tariff for PV power plants

Avenston’s experts will carry out comprehensive advice on all matters related to the «green» tariff in Ukraine.
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