Pre-design works and services

The construction of solar and any other types of power plants is a complex engineering project that requires a lot of investment and time. To reduce potential risks in the subsequent stages, it is necessary to carefully carry out all the preparatory work necessary for high-quality design. There are the following works among pre-design services of our company:

  • Collection and analysis of initial data for design – urban planning conditions and restrictions, technical conditions for connecting to the grid, permits for the use of the land plot and others;
  • Development of technical specifications and organization of geotechnical and geological survey works;
  • Development of technical specifications for the analysis of the bearing capacity of buildings and structures;
  • Development and approval of technical specification for the design;
  • Preparation of tender documentation;
  • Analysis of available permits;
  • Project technical feasibility study;
  • Technical audits;
  • Obtaining the necessary approvals and permits.

Avenston specialists will help you prepare and analyze all the necessary documentation necessary to begin the design of a solar power plant. Our practical experience allows us to conduct not only technical, but also legal audits, as well as assess the financial and business risks of the project. Deep analytical work at the initial stages of the project will significantly reduce the subsequent time and financial costs, reduce risks and get the best result.

The collection or analysis of input data for the design of solar power plants is a very important stage in the life cycle of any project. Very often, ignoring this issue and trying to collect inputs in parallel with other stages of the work significantly increase the time, increase the cost and lead to inefficient work on the project. To avoid all these negative factors, we suggest entrusting this work to professionals.