Steel structures for utility-scale and commercial solar power plants

The correct selection of reliable and high-quality equipment is the key to long-term and trouble-free operation of your solar power plant for many years. In our company, you can get comprehensive advice and order the necessary type of support structures for mounting solar panels during the construction of your solar power plant. The company offers services for the design, supply, and installation of metal mounting structures at the markets of Ukraine, Europe, and MENA. Avenston is a high quality of the supplied products, compliance with local and international standards, local climatic conditions, as well as an international guarantee.

Avenston provides turnkey deliveries of supporting metal structures for solar energy, including:

  • Ground mounting systems for solar modules with a fixed angle of inclination.
  • Ground mounting systems for solar modules with changeable angle.
  • Ground mounting systems for bifacial solar modules.
  • Ballast mounting systems for solar modules for flat roofs.
  • Anchor mounting systems for solar modules for flat roofs.
  • Mounting systems for solar modules for pitched roofs.
  • Mounting systems for solar panels for the needs of agricultural enterprises (Agrivoltaics).
  • Canopies and carports with solar modules.

Our services

We offer the supply of supporting metal structures for the installation of solar panels at the construction of utility-scale and commercial solar power plants. The list of our services includes:

  • Preparation of a technical solution for fixing solar panels based on the customer’s requirements specification.
  • Design of mounting systems for solar power plants of various types.
  • Manufacture and supply of a set of supporting metal structures, including pile foundations and fasteners.
  • Installation works – site marking, foundations, assembly of structures, installation of solar panels.
  • Turnkey support for the construction of solar power plants (project management, architectural and technical supervision, quality control service).
  • O&M of fastening systems.
  • Technical inspection and audit of the condition of the installed support structures.



Ground-based mounting systems

We supply standard and individual solutions for the ground installation of solar modules. We select and design solar mounting structures, taking into account the results of the analysis of geological conditions at the construction site, as well as local wind and snow loads. We calculate and select foundation options (driven and screw piles, concreting stands, ground concrete blocks). We supply statistical mounting systems, the design of which does not allow changing the angle of inclination of solar modules, and mounting systems with a changeable angle.

To calculate a commercial offer, the following data are required: type, weight, dimensions, and thickness of the solar panel’s frame, required orientation of the solar panels in space (angle of inclination, height above ground level), master plan with the placement of solar modules on the site (number of rows), reports for engineering-geological and engineering-geodetic surveys. Upon request, designs are made for any requirements of the customer, taking into account climatic conditions and landscape features.

Mounting structures for roofs

We offer various designs for mounting solar panels on flat and pitched roofs with various types of roofing materials. We work with anchor and ballast fastening systems. The range of designs includes “East-West” mounts that make the most efficient use of the roof surface and allow you to achieve a more uniform profile of electricity generation from solar panels throughout the daylight hours.

Steel structural elements are made of high-strength steel grades followed by hot-dip galvanizing, which ensures the high durability and reliability of the structure. All aluminum elements of the system are made only from high-quality raw materials in accordance with European standards. Mounting structures for solar power plants provide fast and convenient assembly, as well as minimize installation costs.

Steel structures for carports and other types of solar canopies

For commercial customers, we offer the supply and installation of solar panel mounting systems made as carports. These solutions are individual and are developed for the tasks of a particular object. There are different versions of installation systems for parking lots.

We offer systems for the installation of solar panels for the needs of farms, allowing the use of agricultural land under crops for the production of electricity.

We work with large and medium-size b2b orders of at least 300 kW of installed capacity of solar panels. Terms of cooperation are available upon request. Design and manufacture of non-standard mounting systems using various materials (galvanized steel profile, painted metal, anodized aluminum, etc.), including completely leak-proof canopies.

Advantages of our metal structures for solar power plants

Avenston has extensive experience in the practical application of various types of solar mounting structures. In our projects, we used stationary structures made of aluminum, galvanized steel profiles, and cold-rolled sheet. Driven and screw piles, ground-mounted concrete blocks, and poured concrete foundations deepened into the ground have been successfully used as foundations for our projects. We also have experience in the installation of supporting metal structures on various roofs. We use aluminum, stainless, and galvanized products as clamping elements. The accumulated knowledge and qualifications allow us to offer our customers the most optimal solutions for metal structures for installing solar modules.

The mounting structures that Avenston specialists will select for you are suitable for the installation of commercial and industrial solar power plants for rooftop and ground placement. Before approving the type and material for the structure, we always take into account the results of engineering surveys and perform all the necessary technical calculations. Our engineers deeply study the requirements of the technical specifications from the customer and select the most optimized solutions and components. All this allows the company’s customers to receive the most attractive conditions for the price, delivery and installation time.


The most popular ways to install solar modules

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Solar canopies, charging stations and parking lots

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Commercial Solar Plants

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