Моделювання сонячних електростанцій від компанії Авенстон

Solar PV Power Plants Modeling and Simulating

Engineering solutions introduced by our company take into account individual characteristics of the object, and often are quite complex technical systems. In cases where the customer’s requirements cannot met using common solutions, we can evaluate and design solutions which can meet specific terms of technical requirements. We can make full engineering, from pre-design and feasibility study until development and improvement of design documentation.

Optimization & Consulting

With a powerful combination of practical experience of Avenston’s engineers and yield projection software – PVsyst, our team can create and compare multiple configurations for systems with high accuracy and short time frames. By simulating various electrical setups and the distribution of frames, we often take topography into account, which is further used to foresee capacity and generation limiting factors with high precision.

A comprehensive analysis of topography also allows accurate optimization by evaluating terrain variations and matching that information with inclination tolerance levels . Using advanced analysis methods and running multiple iterations, we can provide feedback and suggestions on how to reduce operational losses, maximize energy output and increase profits. These services include:

  • Equipment analysis using PVsyst
  • Module technology comparison
  • Layout based on optimization

Power plants modeling and simulating

Usually, design begins with technical modeling and simulation of the future project in different modes. The peculiarity of the renewable energy industry is that with the right technical implementation of the project, even a slight increase in the specific generation of many years of operation, the owner of the power plant brings a very large additional profit, which requires the initial stages of the relatively small additional cost. Proper modeling will take into account the individual characteristics of a specific geographic location, as well as equipment selection, which will be the most optimal. Our design and engineering department with the shortest possible time is able to arrange power plant modeling of power plant you need and provide you with our recommendations as per design documentation development.

Using our in-depth knowledge of both PVsyst and PVsol, we’re able to create simulations of any solar installation while calculating yearly energy distribution with high accuracy. Available simulations include:

  • Forecast total energy production [MWh/y] to evaluate profitability
  • Establish data on performance ratio (PR [%]) to define the quality of the system
  • Assess specific energy [kWh/kWp] data to indicate system’s energy production
  • Create 3D shading scenes to provide an in-depth shading effect analysis

Project Visualization

One of the most efficient ways of moving your solar project a step closer to implementation is using visualized drawings. Making your solar project visually appealing and clearly showing the impact it has on the local environment has been a very successful factor in getting planning permissions for many of our clients. Whether it’s a large-scale project with a scenic area or a simple design, we can make it significantly more appealing using visualizations and animations.