Техніко-економічні обґрунтування від Авенстон

Technical Feasibility Studies for PV Power Plants

An important stage of investment projects in the field of solar energy is the preparation of a Feasibility Study for the construction of a solar power plant. This document is most often required in case of attracting equity or debt capital. Avenston can prepare a feasibility study for your solar power plant. This document is developed taking into account the tasks of the investor and any specifics of the project. A typical composition of a Feasibility Study for solar power plants (as well as other RES facilities) may include the following sections:

  • Legal analysis of the renewable energy market, political and economical situation in Ukraine;
  • Input data and results of engineering research;
  • Justification of the object;
  • Justification of the capacity (minimum and maximum power);
  • Basic PV technology, construction, architectural and planning decisions;
  • Equipment list and comparison (options);
  • Major decisions on engineering maintenance facility construction;
  • Justification of the staff;
  • Basic provisions on the organization of pre-construction and construction phase;
  • Difficulty category of the project accordingly to actual rules and requirements;
  • Technical and economic characteristics of the object;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of investments, main financial coefficients;
  • Specification for the design;
  • Consolidated payment of construction costs;
  • Applications: datasheets, simulation reports, etc.

There are several of the most popular types of feasibility studies for solar power plants: (1) technical feasibility study, which is prepared during the development of three-stage design documentation; (2) a commercial feasibility study of the project, which in its content is closer to the classic business plan; (3) other specific feasibility studies for evaluating individual stages of the project, such as a feasibility study for power delivery at a specific point of connection of the solar power plant to the grid. Contact our company for advice, and you will receive professional assistance on all issues related to the technical and economic assessment of your project.

In addition to a detailed feasibility study in our company, you can order the development of a more simplified Technical Calculation. This document does not contain some sections that are mandatory for the feasibility study, but allows for a quicker assessment of the main technical and financial indicators of the solar power plant construction project. Thus, based on the results of the Technical Calculation, one can get an idea of ​​the main parameters of the future facility (capacity, area, list of main equipment, implementation timeframes), as well as evaluate investment indicators (CAPEX, OPEX, IRR, payback period, ROI, etc.). The choice between the Technical Calculation and the Feasibility Study depends on the depth of analysis required by the investor, the degree of detail and the accuracy of calculating the main indicators of the project.