Наземна СЕС типу Схід-Захід

Ground solar power plant “East-West”

The technical department of the Avenston company has developed a new engineering solution that allows for the most efficient use of available land plots for the installation of grid solar power plants. The new type of mounting of solar photovoltaic modules provides for their placement in space in two directions, namely – to the east and to the west. This product is the most effective when used to cover the own needs of manufacturing enterprises in electrical energy.

Technical specification:

  • Installed capacity (DC): 403,2 kWp
  • AC power: 300 kW, 3 phases
  • Current parameters: 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Total electricity per day: up to 2900 kWh
  • Power production per year: 439 MWh
  • Total area: 40х70 m
  • Annual СО2 saving: 131 tons
  • Power generation ration: 1069 kWh per 1 kWp

A significant advantage of using the “East-West” land-based solar power plant is the ability to install a significantly larger number of solar modules and, accordingly, a larger capacity in the same free area. This advantage arises due to the fact that usually when installing solar panels to the south, the angle of their inclination is made quite large, which requires large inter-row distances to avoid unwanted shading. Our design is designed for smaller angles of inclination and distances between rows, which allows us to install almost twice as much power.

The second advantage of the “East-West” solar power plant is the generation schedule, which is more adapted to the electricity needs of real consumers. The reduction of generation at noon due to the increase of generation in the morning and evening allows to cover a larger part of the consumption than for standard ground-mounted solar power plants.

A land-based solar power plant with a multi-directional orientation of solar panels to the east and west allows more efficient use of land plots in conditions of limited area or high rental cost. Our own development of support structures made it possible to significantly reduce their cost, and a well-thought-out modular system of electrical connections – to obtain the maximum efficiency of generation.


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