Energoport-16 Hybrid PV System


The Energoport product family from the Avenston company includes the following items: the Energoport-16-ESS hybrid solar power plant based on a carport with the possibility of charging electric vehicles, as well as its simplified on-grid version named Energoport-16-Light.

These products are perfect for shopping and entertainment centers, offices, hotel and restaurant country complexes, gas stations, etc. They have the most balanced technical characteristics and allow, if necessary, to effectively increase the power.

The basic carport is designed for 16 parking spaces. The total power of the solar batteries installed on it is 60 kW, and the capacity of the energy storage system is 24.86 kWh. The hybrid solar power plant generates 62,000 kWh of electricity per year, allows for backup of critical load and enables charging of electric vehicles. The modular structure provides flexibility and the possibility of individual selection of parameters to meet the needs of a specific customer.


  • The number of parking spaces is 16.
  • The dimensions of one parking space are 3×5.5 m
  • The lower and upper heights of the canopy are 2.7 and 4.8 m
  • The angle of inclination is 10°
  • Snow load – 1800 Pa
  • Wind load – 500 Pa

Backup power system (ESS):

  • Power – 10 kVA, 8 kW, 1 phase
  • Peak power – 18 kW
  • Current characteristics – 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Type – LiFePO4 battery
  • Battery capacity – 24.86 kWh
  • The battery voltage is 48 V
  • The working time of the battery is from 3 hours

Photovoltaic system:

  • DC power – 61.6 kW
  • AC power – 50 kW, 3 phases
  • Current characteristics – 400 V, 50 Hz
  • The amount of energy produced per day is 450 kWh
  • The amount of energy produced per year is 62.5 thousand kWh

Charging station for electric cars:

  • Number of EV charging stations – 1 pc. (or any necessary)
  • The charging speed is about 120 km of mileage in one hour
Гібридна сонячна електростанція Енергопорт-16

Main advantages:

  • The plot of land, which is allocated for parking, begins to bring profit!
  • Electricity for 1 HRN per kWh
  • Accumulation of charge in rechargeable batteries, which will be able to provide uninterrupted power supply in case.
  • Lack of power from the network or in case of blackouts.
  • Complete with charging stations for electric cars.
    The possibility of additional profit from the sale of electricity when connected to a centralized network.
  • Protection from precipitation (rain, snow, hail) for both cars and owners for comfortable boarding and disembarking.
  • Protecting the car from overheating – extending the service life of interior parts and preserving their technical properties.
  • Absence of unpleasant odours as when working with diesel generators.


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