Private solar power plants

In the period from 2015 to 2016, hundreds of private solar power plants were built in Ukraine by the companies that were part of our group. These projects have included many kinds of solar solutions such as rooftop solar, BIPV systems, solar carports and ground-mounted solar for private households.

We built mainly on-grid solar power plants for the operation to sell electricity by “green” tariff, but at the request of our customers, we also developed and installed hybrid PV solutions for the backup energy supply of buildings. In addition, we have built a certain number of off-grid solar power systems, including mobile PV solutions. Private solar power plants by our company are primarily high quality and reliable equipment, increased efficiency of electricity generation and an extended warranty for the entire solar power supply system.

Taking into account the state of the solar energy market in 2017, we made a strategic decision to withdraw from the segment of home solar power plants in favour of working with industrial utility-scale solar farms and commercial solar power plants.