HVAC design documentation for cottage village in Belarus

Our engineers developed a design documentation for power supply, heating, hot water, ventilation and air conditioning systems for the cottage village in Belarus. As part of the design, all technical, environmental, economic and other requirements of the customer were studied, as well as the features of the structural and architectural solutions. Our working drawings were implemented during the construction of an environmentally friendly cottage town located near Mogilev city.

Our company has extensive experience in the design and installation of various types of engineering systems – power supply, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as video surveillance. We focus primarily on B2B projects and work with both internal and external engineering grids. Our advantage is an integrated approach that allows our clients to get the maximum benefit from working with a single contractor. MEP systems from Avenston Engineering are a guarantee of quality, strict adherence to work schedules and maximum return on your investment.

The usage of the Gantt chart for the design and construction of solar power plants

The project schedule is an important tool for managing the construction of a solar energy facility. It allows the project manager to plan the delivery of equipment and materials to the construction site, to synchronize the work of carriers and subcontractors, it is important for monitoring the construction process and project costs, to anticipate and prevent possible delays. Using the project schedule is much more effective than just a list-calendar of events
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Agrivoltaics – Synergy of the Earth and the Suns

Now, with the development of PV technology, agrivoltaics becomes mainstream and opens up new, unprecedented prospects for the development of commodity agricultural production, while simultaneously solving the problems of energy supply for these processes. And not only them.
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Renewable energies — invest and trade in Ukraine

Avenston analyzes some perspectives and plans for cooperation within alternative energy sectors of Ukraine for foreign companies and mentions main challenges that could be faced while cooperating with Ukrainian colleagues during PV projects development.
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Main model contracts for project implementaion

In the world practice of construction and implementation of various projects, different types of contracts are used, which regulate relations in the field of management and control of construction.
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