Financing of Renewable Projects

Avenston contributes to the development of the renewable energy industry and provides comprehensive support at all stages of the project life cycle. One of our services is the comprehensive support and the establishment of mutually beneficial relations between developers, potential investors and other interested in project participants.

In cooperation with project owners, our company helps to attract the necessary financial resources to an existing project. Our services include the full support of developers, namely, the preparation and description of an investment plan, the development of the most effective business models for attracting investments and the design of a business plan for the project, followed by the involvement of domestic or foreign investors in the project, and full support of the formal aspects in the agreement between the customer and investors. For developers and project owners, we offer consulting services for bringing a complete set of documentation to industry standards and requirements; financial modeling assistance; risk analysis; comprehensive support for structuring transactions and project sales.

Co-investments and Partnership

Avenston specializes in investments in projects in the field of cleantech, renewable energy, the production of environmentally friendly products, and so on. Our priority is the search and implementation of projects on partnership terms.
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Portfolio investment and financing

Our company is engaged in the management of small portfolio investments in assets in the energy, real estate and industrial sectors. The investment strategy assumes working with average levels of risk.
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Venture investments and startups

We are considering venture capital investment opportunities. Our priority areas are projects in the field of renewable energy, energy saving, energy storage and storage, smart grids and microgrids.
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Loan project financing

Successful implementation of projects, including those related to the introduction of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency technologies, often requires the attraction of debt financing or the use of other financial instruments.
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Benefits of Avenston:

  • Deep expertise – solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, hydropower, geothermal energy, agricultural sector, industry, commercial real estate.
  • Own engineering team with many years of experience in the implementation of construction and energy projects – design, construction, service and operation.
  • Practical experience in legal support and structuring of investment transactions, full legal support for the stages of development, implementation and operational activities of assets.
  • Extensive experience in financial management during the implementation of large investment projects with the attraction of both domestic and foreign capital, as well as debt financing.
  • Participation in own investment projects, allowing to adequately predict risks and other parameters of the project.


Financing for solar energy projects. Credit and leasing for solar power plants

Avenston helps to raise finance for construction of PV power plants. We carefully analyze the details of the relevant project and select the most favorable conditions for raising funds. Our experts will help you get a loan for a solar power plant, analyze the available options for solar panels leasing, negotiate with financial institutions for a deferred payment until you accumulate a full financing for the construction of your solar power plant.

Our company is a EPC-contractor, and also takes part in development and invests in solar energy projects. We have already financed several rooftop and ground-based solar power plants in Ukraine. We are constantly considering new investment opportunities and are open for mutually beneficial cooperation in the construction of solar power plants.

At this time, from the point of view of risks, the most reliable and predictable is the construction of a solar power plant for the own needs of enterprises. Such an investment will reduce the cost of your products, gain advantages in the supply of goods abroad and reduce the dependence of your business on any fluctuations and instability in the energy market. Avenston designs, builds and maintenances commercial solar power plants. We will help you choose the most effective financing option for your solar power plant.


Commercial PV power plants by Avenston

Ground-mounted solar PV farms for industrial enterprises

General contracting for the engineering and construction of ground-based solar power plants for enterprises. Full range of EPC services (Solar PV, PV+BESS). Self-consumption or connection to a grid to sell electricity at commercial market tariffs.
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Rooftop solar PV power plants for business and industry

Avenston designs and builds rooftop solar PV power plants. We accumulated ten years of experience in providing general contracting services in solar power plant construction projects: self-consumption, net billing, backup power, and smart grids.
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BIPV and facade-mounted solar power systems

Our company is a general contractor in the construction of facade solar power plants and photovoltaic solutions integrated into buildings (BIPV systems). Design, construction and commissioning of PV systems integrated into roofs and facades.
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Solar canopies, charging stations and parking lots

Car park solar canopies are one of the popular uses for solar panels. More and more often, such solar sheds are combined with charging stations for electric vehicles, which significantly expands the functionality of parking lots.
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Commercial Solar Plants

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