Asset Management

Asset management helps to monitor and manage assets using a systemised approach. Managed effectively, the benefits include improvements to productivity and efficiency which places a business in a better position to increase their return on investment. Buildings, plant machinery and equipment tools – in fact, anything that is tangible or intangible, can be effectively managed from one central point. This helps to ensure that they’re being utilised efficiently, allowing for performance to be reviewed and helping to prevent any unnecessary, additional costs being incurred due to incidents such as unscheduled downtime. Asset management encompasses a holistic view of the entire lifecycle of an asset – from design and implementation through to renewal and disposal.

Business processes optimization

Avenston helps to transform and optimize operations. We focus on the opportunities that maximize competitive advantage of assets and projects as well as strengthen the connection between operations and strategy. 
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Technical Due Diligence

Avenston carries out work on the full technical inspection of facilities. For a more accurate analysis of the real state of it's operation and the identification of possible defects, we help performing one-off and periodic technical inspections and due diligences.
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