Asset Management

Asset management helps to monitor and manage assets using a systemised approach. Managed effectively, the benefits include improvements to productivity and efficiency which places a business in a better position to increase their return on investment. Buildings, plant machinery and equipment tools – in fact, anything that is tangible or intangible, can be effectively managed from one central point. This helps to ensure that they’re being utilised efficiently, allowing for performance to be reviewed and helping to prevent any unnecessary, additional costs being incurred due to incidents such as unscheduled downtime. Asset management encompasses a holistic view of the entire lifecycle of an asset – from design and implementation through to renewal and disposal.

Business processes optimization

Avenston helps to transform and optimize operations. We focus on the opportunities that maximize competitive advantage of assets and projects as well as strengthen the connection between operations and strategy. 
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Technical Due Diligence

Avenston carries out work on the full technical inspection of facilities. For a more accurate analysis of the real state of it's operation and the identification of possible defects, we help performing one-off and periodic technical inspections and due diligences.
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Renewable energy asset management

The alternative energy market in Ukraine has been actively developing since 2009 after the entry into force of the new edition of the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity”. “Green” tariff was the main incentive for the development of the industry for about 10 years. But due to the subsequent changes in the legislative framework and the form of state support for renewable energy, this area is experiencing a temporary crisis. In Ukraine, there is a situation in which many assets require additional attention. If we talk, for example, about solar power plants, then some objects have problems with timely connection to the grids; not always the technical parameters of the PV power plant correspond to the design ones; not fully complied with the current requirements for documentation, reporting, and so on.

Having years of experience in solar energy, Avenston offers renewable energy asset management services. We provide the necessary technical and legal support, perform qualified audits of the current state of your asset and take control of those issues that require increased attention. We offer a full range of services for the management of solar power plants at any stage of their life cycle. Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your asset and offer a reasonable and most optimal action plan:

  • Measures required to put a solar power plant in operation when construction are in progress;
  • Measures to improve the efficiency of electricity generation in the case of an already commissioned facility;
  • Preparing solar power plants for sale;
  • Technical modernization of solar power plants and individual systems (ASKUE, telemechanics, etc.) in case of any changes in the norms and requirements of legislation.

After discussing and approving the roadmap, we will take over its implementation. Avenston provides all the necessary services for solar energy facilities: legal support for construction, performance of the functions of a customer service and technical supervision, acceptance tests and commissioning works for already built facilities, support for connection to grids, putting solar power plants into operation, support of the procedure for obtaining licenses and contracts for electricity sales (PPA), operation and maintenance and much more. Our ultimate goal is to successfully put the solar power plant in operation and achieve the planned targets of your investment project.