Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems

Integrating photovoltaics into existing diesel power systems enables reductions in fuel costs and guarantees an efficient electricity supply. PV-diesel solutions offer independence from rising diesel prices and reduce operating- and maintenance costs, especially in remote areas far from the utility grid.


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Generator set system is a key component of the conventional power supply. Creates the local grid and supplies electricity to connected loads, e.g. heavy duty industrial lods for mining or processing raw materials, but also for agriculture or water desalination. Additional battery storages can compensate fluctuations in load and irradiation, providing spinning reserve and facilitating optimized diesel operation.

A Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid System combines the power output of PV arrays and the diesel generators. The control system draws power in such a way that it maximizes the load on PV and minimizes on Diesel Generators. If there are multiple generators and there is sufficient power from PV, it shuts off some of the generators completely to minimize fuel consumption. The Fuel Save Controller houses an intelligent energy management system. This Controller is a key component of the proposed Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid plant. As the link between the diesel generators, the PV system and the plant load, Fuel Save Controller will take on all the demand-based control of PV generation, depending on the load and generation profiles.

Сentralized Hybrid Solar Diesel Power Station
Сentralized Hybrid Solar Diesel Power Station

Hybrid systems can be expanded on a modular basis at any time and provide reliable system control through remote monitoring.

Decentralized Hybrid Solar Diesel Power Station
Decentralized Hybrid Solar Diesel Power Station

The solar-hybrid system is smart solution and uses potential of solar system effectively. A 100 kW Hybrid System helps to reduce emission by approximately 150 tones/year. As result, villages or Industry using a hybrid system can save thousands of liters of diesel per year and reduce CO2 emissions.

Avenston services for solar power plants

If you are planning the construction of such a solar power plant, our staff will provide you with maximum support. We offer services for pre-design calculations, design, construction and maintenance of any solar power plants. General contracting in solar energy from Avenston is a guarantee of high efficiency in the implementation of your project. We have built dozens of photovoltaic systems of various types and capacities: the company’s portfolio includes ground-based, rooftop and BIPV solar power plants. In addition to the design and construction of solar energy facilities, Avenston is also engaged in direct supplies of equipment (solar panels, solar inverters, PV cables, etc.), as well as provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services for solar power plants. A complete list of our solar energy services can be found in the relevant section of this website. Working with Avenston, you will receive the maximum technical expertise and professional support at all stages of the design, construction and operation of a solar power plant.

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