WELIGEN Solar PV power plant

Avenston Group specializes not only in the development of design documentation and the construction of industrial solar PV power plants, but also performs the entire range of works on the development of utility-scale solar energy facilities until the stage of readiness for construction. We select suitable land plots, change their intended purpose, draw up the appropriate lease agreements, agree on technical conditions for connecting to grids, obtain a construction permit and resolve a large number of related legal and technical issues. The result of our work is shovel ready (or ready to build) projects, i.e. projects are completely ready for construction. One of the examples of solar power plants that we prepared before the shovel ready stage is the Weligen Solar PV power plant in the Kherson region.

This solar PV power plant has been developed and designed until ‘shovel ready’ stage. Weligen Solar facility has been designed for the production and sale of electricity to get all benefits of a green tariff acting in Ukraine. Also we were involved in project legal support during and after construction, including grid permits.

Project details:

  • DC power of solar modules – 6,8 MW
  • Stage – 100% completed
  • Construction completion date – 2016
  • Type of solar power plant – on-grid, ground-mounted
  • Solar panels – multycrystalline Si
  • Structures – ground mounted, fixed
  • Plant area – 11,8 ha
  • Location – Kherson region, Ukraine

Our services:

  • Project development;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Land permits;
  • Grid permits;
  • Pre-design surveys;
  • Engineering;
  • Grid connection supervision;
  • Licensing and green tariff support.