Equipment exchange fund for solar power plants

Currently, in the Ukrainian solar energy, there is a gradual shift in focus from solving the ineffective and outdated task of obtaining, if possible, the minimum cost of building a commercial solar power plant to a more correct and modern approach based on taking into account the total CAPEX and OPEX during the entire life cycle of photovoltaic systems. Increasingly, the attention of investors is paid to the cost and quality of maintenance of solar power plants, as well as warranty conditions for equipment and work. After all, the ultimate goal of any investment project in solar energy is the stable generation of electricity with the minimum cost of each kWh (i.e., minimizing the LCOE while maintaining the planned quality and reliability indicators).

Avenston carefully treats all these issues and, even at the planning and design stage, sets the maximum readiness time for all objects built and under construction by us. To ensure high readiness of solar power plants and achieve design efficiency, we work only with trusted equipment manufacturers and maintain a constant opportunity to promptly replace failed equipment with a replacement fund. These measures make it possible not to interrupt the generation of energy even during warranty or scheduled repairs, or to significantly minimize downtime, if they are nevertheless unavoidable.

In the warehouses of our company there is the necessary exchange fund of equipment, including for the main brands and types of solar inverters we use. We provide shipment of solar inverters within one working day for replacement anywhere in Ukraine. Goodwe, SMA, Solis and Steka inverters are permanently available in Avenston warehouses. In addition, we maintain partnerships with Ukrainian representative offices and importers of such manufacturers as Fronius, Huawei, Kaco, Sungrow, Victron and others, which allows us to ensure the fastest possible delivery or replacement of products of these brands.

We are glad to announce about the expansion of the range of equipment in our service warehouse. Now, we have been maintaining in stock not only the main equipment – solar inverters and solar panels, but also such items as cabling and wiring products, fasteners and metal structures, fuses, couplings, vacuum switches and much more. Solar power plants by Avenston are not only high quality and adequate cost of the proposed engineering solutions, but also reliable maintenance to guarantee high performance over the entire long life of such PV systems.

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