Commissioning of utility-scale PV power plant

In October 2021, the specialists of Avenston Engineering carried out works on the commissioning of 6 MW ground-mounted commercial solar power plant. This facility is intended for the production of electricity with its subsequent sale to the grid at a “green” tariff. The solar PV power plant operates using Huawei solar inverters and is connected to the substation using a 35 kV cable line. 

Our team carried out all the technical and organizational procedures necessary for testing the power equipment before turning it on, carried out all communications with representatives of the power transmission organization and turned on the SPP. In addition to the standard commissioning procedures, some additional works was carried out such as a complete thermal imaging survey of the operation of solar panels, electrical power boxes, solar inverters and equipment of transformer substations. Currently, the solar power plant is successfully generating electricity and is under the constant supervision of Avenston’s O&M engineers.

Solving any issues related to the commissioning of problematic solar energy assets is one of the competencies of the specialists of Avenston Group. We are proud that all the solar power plants we have built have been put into operation, and the experience and knowledge gained are still in demand by our customers. Avenston is one of the leaders in the solar energy industry in Ukraine. We have designed and built dozens of industrial solar power plants of all types and capacities. The accumulated experience allows us to effectively implement solar energy technologies, ensuring high quality and reliability of our solutions.

Performance Modeling Tools Overview

The calculation of the solar power plant allows you to predict accurately the amount of electricity generated by photovoltaic modules (solar panels) for specific terrain conditions, provided in case all components of the system are mounted and connected correctly.
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1 MW — AC or DC? Clarification from NKREKP

AVENSTON received a clarification letter from NKREKP on the important issue for investors regarding the mechanism for calculating the installed capacity of facilities of legal entities that produce electricity from solar energy.
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The attractiveness of Ukrainian solar energy

In 2017, a new record for the capacity of solar power plants put into operation in Ukraine could be set.
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Renewables to bring energy independence to Ukraine

Energy security and independence have moved higher on the agenda in Ukraine since Russia launched its war in the Donbass four years ago. Before 2014, Ukraine relied heavily on Russia as a gas supplier.
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