Avenston – General Engineering Partner of SEF 2019

For several years now, Avenston has been the General Engineering Partner at the world-famous SEF 2019 Forum. What is this Forum about in general and what is the focus of it?

SEF is the whole sustainable energy of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It is the main business platform for renewable energy and new technologies that will discuss the legal and financial issues of developing renewable energy and energy efficiency business matters, green tariffs and auctions, a new model of electricity in Ukraine.


Photo from the 10th Sustainable Energy Forum of Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2018
Photo from the 10th Sustainable Energy Forum of Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2018

What is Avenston planning to present at the SEF 2019 Forum? We are still keeping a little intrigue, but exclusively for you, our readers, we will lift the shadow off a bit: the topic of our presentation will be devoted to a completely new strategic aspect of the development of solar energy in Ukraine.

Which vector of development to keep for the coming year, what to expect from the new form of state support for the RES market and how to get the maximum profit in terms of the auction system you will find out at the 11th Sustainable Energy Forum of Eastern Europe SEF 2019.

Avenston is your reliable partner in projects for the construction of commercial on-grid solar power plants at a “green” tariff: project development, general contracting, commissioning, maintenance, consulting and legal support of investments at all stages.

Is it possible a complete transition of Ukraine to renewable?

A lively global debate continues in maintaining a balance between fossil fuels and nuclear energy, on the one hand, and renewable sources such as hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass, on the other.
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Avenston invests in solar cooperatives

Our company has become one of the investors of the solar cooperative "Solar Town" to be constructed in 2019 in Slavutych city.
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