Quarantine. Life at remotely work


Media representatives often ask questions about how the quarantine has affected the work of the company and what we do in this situation. Therefore, we try to summarize the main points.

AVENSTON understands how crucial the discipline and proper observance of all the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the decisions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are today. Therefore, the company’s management has implemented all the necessary quarantine measures to protect its employees and their families.

All company personnel are at home and transferred to a remote work with maintaining payment conditions. All have been instructed and are implementing recommendations for the prevention of the disease. The speed and intensity of the work remain stable, as we were able to anticipate and solve in advance all possible problems with team communications, logistics and the purchase of necessary equipment. Before the ban on movement, we completed all the commissioning work. As before, we prepare commercial offers, technical and economic calculations; work on new technical engineering solutions, and are actively negotiating with customers. Work is in full swing and does not stop. Today we devote a lot of time to strategic planning, focusing on long-term goals.

Although the situation is not simple, and restrictions are from many sides, the situation in China is encouraging, where production resumes operations and gradually begins to ship goods.

“In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, today the world is also in a state of economic crisis. Nevertheless, the company will not reduce staff. Actually, we looking for and invite professionals to our team. We will continue to invest and develop all started projects. AVENSTON has a deep understanding of the market, its capabilities and risks. For all, it is now extremely important to maintain a sober look at all events and calmly follow the set goals. A clear strategy and confidence in our values ​​lead our company to success.”Dmytro Lukomskyi, CEO Avenston.

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