Solar panels (photovoltaic modules)

Solar energy is one of the most promising and fast-growing segments of energy industry. It is a renewable and virtually inexhaustible resource, which allows to generate completely clean electrical energy with zero damage to environment and without any residual effect. Solar PV panels (photovoltaic solar modules, etc.) are the most important component of any solar (photovoltaic) installation. They act as a source of electric current (DC), which is produced by converting solar radiation into electricity. The main advantages of solar modules are determined by their design features: they demonstrate high reliability, long lifetime and stability of electrical characteristics. No movable parts design makes solar modules durable, also minimizing maintenance costs.

At Avenston you can order and buy solar panels of any type. Since 2010, we have been engaged in direct supplies of solar panels from leading manufacturers. The company works with carefully selected factories in Europe, China and the USA, which are consistently ranked in the Tier-1 rating. You can buy solar panels at the best prices from us. We ensure the high efficiency of your solar power plant, give the necessary guarantees and offer the best quality on the market.

Avenston is a direct supplier of brands such as Renesola, Hanwha Q-Cells, Trina Solar, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, Solitek, Onyx Solar and many others. We supply solar panels for specific projects, and also try to maintain the availability of the most popular items in our own product warehouse. Avenston works with the best manufacturers of solar modules and carries out its own final inspection of products before packaging and shipment from the factory to Ukraine. Our experts have collected a large database on the real performance of various models of solar panels, which allows us to offer our customers only the best and proven solutions.

Solar panels – buy in Kiev

Solar modules are the most expensive component used to build photovoltaic systems for various purposes. PV panels are assembled from separate components, so-called – solar photovoltaic cells. Operation principles of the latter are based on the phenomenon of the internal photoelectric effect in semiconductors. A photovoltaic module is an energy generating device, that is structurally combined and electrically interconnected solar cells. Solar panels can be used as part of photovoltaic power supply systems (solar power plants) to generate stable and cheap electricity.

Avenston offers high quality solar panels at the best prices, providing high performance solar power plants. Direct deliveries of products from manufacturers, factory warranty, all types of solar panels. We will select the best solution for your project. We will complete the solar power plant with all the necessary equipment. We will carry out construction and installation work and put solar farm into operation. Avenston – turnkey solar power plants and BIPV solutions.