TYIGLASH Solar Power Plant

AVENSTON works with the world’s top manufacturers of equipment for solar PV stations on the terms of direct contracts and service partnership contracts. With a deep and proven history of cooperation with key brands, we are able to offer customers not only attractive prices, but also convenient conditions for prompt service of equipment to provide a direct guarantee.

In the project of construction of the solar on-grid power plant “Tyiglash” with a capacity of solar modules of 6,183 MWp, AVENSTON performed the function of a supplier of a complete set of inverter equipment of one of the market leaders – the German manufacturer SMA Solar Technology AG.

AVENSTON was the first in Ukraine to deliver a novelty from the SMA Solar Technology AG brand – an innovative on-grid inverter SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 with a capacity of 75 kW, one of the winners of the Intersolar Awards.

SMA SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 is a unique solution that successfully combines the advantages of the central inverter concept in a decentralized version.

High efficiency, flexible system design, easy installation, “intuitive” commissioning and low level of maintenance requirements provide a significant reduction in operating costs. The product is defined as the best in its category in terms of “price-quality-efficiency” for use in projects of commercial solar power plants.


Our services

  • Inverter equipment procurement;
  • Installation supervision;
  • Commissioning works;
  • Personel trainings by engineers of Avenston and SMA Solar Technology AG;
  • Quality control


Project details

  • Capacity – 6,183 MW (DC)
  • SPP type – on-grid
  • Solar panels – poly-Si
  • String inverters – SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 with capacity 75 kW
  • Mounting structures – fix tilt, ground mounted
  • Location – Transcarpathian region of Ukraine

Solar power plants are one of the key competencies for companies belonging to the Avenston group. We provide any necessary services for solar energy projects, starting from the support of the development stage to maintenance of already built photovoltaic power plants or systems. All the main stages of the implementation of such projects are carried out by us independently or with the involvement of selected partners. In the second case, all key processes are managed and controlled by Avenston’s in-house project managers. Our portfolio includes a large number of designed and built industrial solar PV power plants, home solar power plants, as well as other projects in related areas.

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