The company of our Group celebrates its sixth anniversary

The solar industry in Ukraine in 2016 has been rapidly developing. The number of new solar power plant projects increased, and projected growth expect to continue. Now we got concern to segments of industrial and private PV power plants. Because of green legislation received additional amendments and turned weightier in 2015.

RENTECHNO is one of our Group’s energy companies. We recently celebrated 6 years of our work in the solar energy market of Ukraine! We got many victories in six years and very much want to share them. The Group of Companies provide services in not only the design and construction of solar plants but also supply chain management, developer, operation, and maintenance for both industrial and private projects! In recent years, our team designed a total capacity of more than 80 MW.

наземная солнечная электростанция

In total, our professionals completed 20 projects of industrial power plants with a maximum capacity of 12 MW and a minimum of 90 kW. Of these, 15 commercial ferms with a total capacity of 31 MW commissioned in 2011-2016.

Now, we continue to work on several industrial photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 10 MW.

Our Group of Companies carry out not only design but also the management of new projects until connection to the green tariff. We carry out the supply of equipment, construction, installation, commissioning, and support of licensing issues and the like.

крышная солнечная электростанция

It is worthwhile to mention our private solar projects this direction is new and based on connecting homeowners to the green tariff. In 2016, the company completed and connected more than 20 private households. The total power of the solar panels installed by the AVENSTON and RENTECHNO team reached 350 kW.

Our experts carry out also the implementation of autonomous, backup and hybrid solar power systems. In addition, in our portfolio, there are projects with various options for orientation and mounting of solar modules: ground and roofing stationary metal structures, mobile trackers. Solar lights, established by us, illuminate many streets of Ukrainian villages.

For 6 years, we built facilities in Vinnytsia, Kherson, Kirovograd, Cherkasy, Kyiv, Odesa, Sumy, Rivne, and Lviv regions. You can visit many and see with your own eyes the embodiment of innovative technologies of modern solar energy.


The AVENSTON and RENTECHNO Group of Companies activities began back in 2007 under the SolarUA brand. We had producing photovoltaic components as part of investment projects in Ukraine and the USA. RENTECHNO founded in 2010, which focused its activities on the implementation of turnkey contracts for PV facilities. In 2011, the law on the green tariff adopted and after that, in 2012, we decided to focus our attention on industrial PV projects. The development of the company implied the expansion of services and we began equipment supplies for solar plant construction, for what RENTECHNO PRIME formed. In 2018, a sharp jump in the popularity of solar energy took place in Ukraine, which led to the creation of a new energy company, AVENSTON, ready to accept new market challenges and combine all the knowledge and experience gained over 10 years of activity in the Ukrainian market.

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