SEF 2019: Chronicles and Results

For several years running, AVENSTON has been participating in and supporting an outstanding industry event of international importance – the Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe – as the General Engineering Partner. This year, SEF was surprisingly dynamic. According to the organizers, the Forum was attended by more than 600 delegates, 70 speakers made presentations, among them the CEO Avenston Dmytro Lukomskyi. During the event, 5 industry conferences and a set of professional trainings were held, one of which was conducted by the Head of the AVENSTON design and engineering department Andrey Baranyuk. The area of ​​the exhibition hall doubled, where more than 150 companies from different parts of the world presented their products and technical solutions, which were visited by more than 10,000 visitors. At the SEF Award Ceremony for achievements in the alternative energy industry Dmytro Lukomskyi won a prize as the Outstanding Personality of the Eastern European RES Industry. This is the second prize statue in the collection of the CEO of AVENSTON.


  • The current goals of the European Union are to achieve at least 32% of renewable energy source generation by 2030. At the same time, 50 countries in the world have announced plans for a 100% transition to renewable energy by 2050.
  • There is a choice: to follow the path of progress, improving and changing our economic model, or to stay behind world trends with all the ensuing consequences.
  • The updated Energy Strategy should be consolidated by law and have the highest legal force in order to direct the development of the energy sector in the most efficient and necessary direction for Ukraine.
  • I suggest all relevant associations (I insist on ALL) to join forces, consider this initiative and lead the process of developing a consolidated Strategy for the evolution of renewable energy in Ukraine by 2050 NOW.

The report of the General Director Dmytro Lukomskyi impressed the audience and distracted them from their smartphones. Later, the speech quotes were spread on the Internet.

This is not the first time that the specialists of our design and engineering department have become speakers of the practical courses and professional seminars. This year, during the Solar Academy training “Increasing SPS Profit”, Andrey Baranyuk, the head of the AVENSTON design and engineering department, shared useful practical experience. The report of our specialist “Technical Innovations in the Design and Construction of SPS” aroused the great interest many questions from the audience.

The culmination of the event was the Third Annual SEF AWARDS 2019 Ceremony, defining high-quality products, the best alternative energy projects and outstanding personalities of the Eastern European RES industry.

This is the second time that CEO Avenston has received recognition!

Dmytro Lukomskyi is a Ukrainian investor, entrepreneur, and top manager. Since 2001, he has been professionally engaged in the implementation of renewable energy projects. He completed specialized training at the University of Cardiff (Wales, UK) and participated in the introduction of the first in Ukraine serial production of solar modules at the KVAZAR plant. In 2010, together with the partners, he founded Rentechno LLC. Under the leadership of Dmytro Lukomskyi, one of the first commercial solar power plants in Ukraine was built. Since 2016 – General Director of Rentehno Prime, a leading distributor of equipment for solar power plants. In 2018, he founded and headed the successful today Avenston company, which provides consulting, design, construction, engineering and investment services in renewable energy projects in Ukraine. Dmytro Lukomskyi is a member of the Board of the Public Organization “Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine”, the purpose of which is broad support for the development of the solar energy industry and the development of the innovative potential of Ukraine.

These four warm October days, Kyiv turned into a real hub of alternative energy stars. Many useful meetings were held, interesting promising proposals for cooperation were received, and many important issues for the industry were voiced. Today, SEF is a platform for active networking and business development, an effective marketing tool for further strategic advent. This is an important trendy event for the industry, which has already won the trust of participants and visitors.

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