General contractor (EPC)

Our EPC and EPCM services include full-scope cycle of works (including engineering, provision of necessary hardware and materials and the full cycle of construction works) by the contractor in order to realize the project. However, there are cases when the customer insists on its own execution of a certain part of work related to the project implementation: e.g., the project development or the supply of the equipment. In this case Avenston is ready to perform some separate services.

Our professional management team with experience in implementing complex industrial projects supported by team of highly qualified engineers with large experience in power electronics, networking and communicational systems, the management of industrial enterprises. In our work, we make extensive use of methods and tools of project management. The company has established and successfully operated the project office, acting as a single project management unit, which is able to arrange development of standardized projects, analysis and monitoring of their implementation, training of project management techniques and many others.

Construction of ground-mounted solar power plants

AVENSTON provides general contracting services for the construction of ground-based solar PV power plants. We offer investors our assistance in the design, delivery of a full range of equipment and materials, as well as the implementation of construction, installation and commissioning works and the subsequent operating and maintenance of ground-based power plants.
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Construction of roof-top solar power plants

AVENSTON company will design and install solar panels on the roof of your facility. We accumulated ten years of experience in providing general contracting services in solar power plant construction projects.
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Turnkey contract of industrial solar power plants construction

Avenston Engineering department is able to provide full range of services for the development, design, construction and operating of any RE power plants. Based on own professional experience the company provides qualified support at all stages of implementation of products and solutions related to renewable energy. Our specificity is to develop and implement turn-key RE projects that includes the following stages:

  • Design;
  • Procurement and delivery of equipment to the ground;
  • Construction and installation of equipment;
  • Commissioning and customer training.

Avenston is your reliable EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) and EPCM (Engineering – Procurement – Construction – Management) contractor in the sphere of power and industrial facilities construction on the turn-key bases. Experience and qualification of our specialists help our clients in completing the following:

  • conception development and preliminary engineering studies;
  • development and implementation of own methodology of project management at all stages of investment project;
  • detailed engineering and design based on used technology and project requirements;
  • management and control: schedules, cost control, job-calculation, forecast, reports and risk minimization.

Benefits of Avenston as a general contractor for the solar energy projects

Today, Avenston company has successfully covers all segments of the construction of solar PV power plants: the installation of solar panels on the ground, on roofs and as functional elements of the building (BIPV), the construction of both on-grid industrial solar power plants and off-grid photovoltaic systems.

Key advantages of Avenston:

  • Own design department with extensive experience in the field of solar energy.
  • Support of projects for the turnkey construction of commercial solar PV power plants —extensive practical experience.
  • High-quality and time-tested equipment from industry leaders.
  • Work on the client’s side — individual approach to each project, including the selection of equipment.
  • Own staff of trained service engineers, which have got all the necessary permits and certificates.
  • Experience in cooperation with foreign customers and investors.
  • Tens of PV power plants with capacity in the range 0,2…20 MW were successfully completed and put into operations by Avenston as EPC-contractor.