RE projects investment support and implementation

Avenston is Ukrainian industrial and engineering company specializing in implementing energy technology projects and technologies with a focus on renewable energy sources and energy-efficient solutions. We rely that our country is a very promising market, whose potential can be disclosed in the implementation of innovative and hi-tech projects and the partnership of local and international players. We are confident that modern energy-efficient society can fully meet its needs through renewable energy sources. That is why we strive to meet the ever-increasing needs of society in clean energy and modern energy saving solutions through the introduction of new projects. The company is a part of the group which also includes such well-known Ukrainian companies as Rentechno (solar project development) and Rentechno Prime (equipment for utility-scale PV power plants). Avenston is also open to joint ventures and new partners.

Investment opportunities to clean energy sector in Ukraine

The economy of Ukraine is an emerging free market with big potential in agricultural, energy and IT sectors. Especially, solar and other renewable energy sources (RES) are actively developing and attracting domestic and foreign investors. It is one of the most promising and fast growing industries worldwide at the moment. The potential of RES far exceeds the current and future world’s energy needs. We believe that energy efficient society will be able to fully shift its energy consumption to renewable energy sources soon. Avenston helps to attract equity capital to renewable energy projects to Ukrainian market. Mission of our company is to implement new environmentally friendly power generation technologies and energy-efficient technologies of energy consumption in Ukraine. We are continuously searching for investment opportunities for stakeholders and partners, while opening up the Ukrainian market to global players with sufficient reliability and safety.


Support at all stages of implementation of projects and solutions related to RES


Search for assets and projects in Ukraine according to individual requirements of investors


Equity investment attraction to Ukrainian clean energy projects

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