On-grid solar power plants (FIT)

To date, several technologies have been developed and actively used to generate solar energy on an industrial scale. In the design and construction of solar power plants that use the photoelectric effect, our company uses silicon photovoltaic modules of ground application, which are characterized by optimal price / quality ratio. Currently, this technology of transforming solar energy into electric power is dominant and, according to experts, will remain for such, at least, the next 15-20 years. The design of the solar panels of the specified type allows to provide high efficiency, combined with high reliability and protection of solar stations. The advantage of photoelectric modules of this type is their very long lifespan – not less than 25-30 years. At the same time, the reduction in power caused by the natural aging of components, which include the photovoltaic module, is no more than 20% after 25 years of operation of the solar power plant.

We provide services for the implementation of projects for the construction of solar power stations throughout the territory of Ukraine. We are ready to offer the installation as a typical solar power plant project, as well as to develop an individual variant, which will take into account all the wishes of the customer and peculiarities of the place (object), where the installation will be carried out. Within the framework of cooperation Avenston offers:

  • Development of project effectiveness, which takes into account specific territorial factors that can influence the power generating facilities and develop methods for minimizing their impact.
  • Cost calculation for solar power plant (CAPEX).
  • Solar Power Payments Calculations (IRR).
  • System design and detailing of all units of the solar power plant and engineering.
  • Selection, procurement and delivery of all necessary equipment and components.
  • Carrying out all complex of construction and installation works, as well as providing of start-up and commissioning works, training of personnel and setting up of stations in operational mode.
  • Support of procedures for obtaining permission to connect a solar power plant to the general grid for the implementation of electricity for green tariffs.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of the solar station, monitoring the serviceability and productivity of all key units of the facility.

The main phases of the implementation of a typical PV project, from the establishment of a preliminary feasibility study to the commissioning of the plant, are presented in the diagram:

pv action plan


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