Technical Feasibility Studies

Avenston can prepare a Feasibility Study of your project. This document is being developed under a specific customer problem and takes into account the specifics of the project. A typical composition of the Feasibility Study for RE power plant includes the following sections:

  • Legal analysis of the renewable energy market in Ukraine;
  • Input data and results of engineering research;
  • Justification of the object;
  • Justification of the capacity;
  • Basic technology, construction, architectural and planning decisions;
  • Equipment (options);
  • Major decisions on engineering maintenance facility construction;
  • Justification of the staff;
  • Basic provisions on the organization of construction;
  • Difficulty category of the project;
  • Technical and economic characteristics of the object;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of investments;
  • Specification for the design;
  • Consolidated payment of construction costs;
  • Applications: datasheets, simulation reports, etc.