Steka solar inverters

As a leading supplier of products for the solar electronics industry, Steka set the international standard for the regulation and control of solar energy systems. In the three market segments (PV grid connected, PV off-grid and Solar thermal) the Steca brand is synonymous with innovation and vision. In conception, development, production and marketing, the company is committed to the highest quality standards.

The focus is on made-to-measure solutions for the effective utilisation of solar radiation. Furthermore, Steka continually examines the technologies they have developed with a view to simple operation and, consequently, usability for the wide base of the population – worldwide.

Together with their range of accessories, StecaGrid inverters represent an innovative family of inverter solutions for grid-connected solar power systems. The company can provide you with the best inverter for your system whether this be a small solar energy system for a single-family house or an elaborate combined solution for an industrial complex. Steka focuses on the most important aspects: user-friendliness and maximum performance with the lowest possible cost expenditure.

Two billion people in rural areas still have no access to an electricity grid. Steka brand by KATEK Memmingen has set itself the target of improving the quality of life of these people. To this end, the company develops and manufactures top-quality products which, thanks to their long lifetime, ensure extremely low costs. Modern and professional electricity supplies are necessary in every part of the world. The focus is on high industrial demands, flexibility, environmental sustainability and reliability. Steca technology for hybrid and off-grid systems unites these aspects, thereby creating a basis for the multimedia and communication age.

Solar thermal energy is the current standard in many households. Steka’ solar thermal products ensure the safe, effective operation of solar energy systems for domestic water heating and back-up heating. The centrepiece of a solar thermal system is the solar controller which uses the sun as a supply of energy in conjunction with the solar collectors, storage tanks and circulation pumps. It also monitors and controlls technical procedures. The wide range of solar thermal products stands out in terms of high efficiency and ease of operation. This makes the sun – thanks to Steca – into an everyday energy source which can be taken as a matter of course.

Avenston is an importer of Steka’s products. We stock off-grid models of solar inverters with a power range of up to 10 kW.


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