Goodwe solar inverters

Goodwe company specializes in the production of on-grid and hybrid inverters for solar power plants. The purpose of inverters is to convert direct current from solar modules into alternating current with a voltage of 220 V (single-phase inverters) or 380 V (three-phase inverters). Goodwe’s products have been awarded the Double A Award and were often top-rated among household and commercial models. Among the line of Goodwe inverters, there are various series with a wide range of models of different power. The company is among the top ten global manufacturers of solar inverters according to Bloomberg, IHS & Wood Mackenzie.

Goodwe inverters are based on advanced technologies that ensure increased electricity generation and allow you to get many benefits from using solar power plants based on the company’s products. With the help of GoodWe inverters, users get, among other things, the following opportunities:

  • Sale of excess power to the network;
  • Reduction of electricity consumption costs;
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of solar power systems;
  • Use of rechargeable batteries for inverters with appropriate characteristics;
  • Working with arrays of solar batteries installed in different planes;
  • Monitoring of generation and equipment operation modes from anywhere in the world.

Goodwe’s wide range of single-phase and three-phase solar inverters can meet any need for reliable and sustainable electricity production. Goodwe’s lightweight, high-efficiency and low-cost inverters are designed to be simple to install, operate and maintain, and to provide a quick return on investment (ROI) to solar power plant owners. GoodWe solar inverters are widely used in residential rooftops, commercial systems and energy storage systems in more than 80 countries around the world.

Goodwe has created an integrated service system for pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale support and has built service centers around the world. Providing global support includes project consulting, technical training, technical support and after-sales service. A prudent, step-by-step approach to strategic growth and consolidation provides the company with reliability, profitable growth and a steady increase in the share of the renewable energy market.

Avenston is an importer of the company’s products. We stock a wide range of on-grid solar inverters in the power range from 5 to 60 kW.


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