Монтажні роботи в сонячній енергетиці від Авенстон

Construction and installation works for Solar PV Farms

The staff of our company is experienced in the field of renewable energies, and regularly improves their skills and practical experience — already more than a dozen well-functioning projects. So if you are interested in services for the construction of RE power plants — welcome to contact our company. We have all the necessary licenses to perform design and construction work, as a general contractor inclusive.

Today Avenston represents a powerful fusion of R&D cluster, which relies on many own developments and know-hows, and innovational production capacities with huge experience in construction and installation works. It allows us to implement many projects successfully with total capacity over 100 MW. We have accumulated huge experience in construction for different power facilities:

  • Powerful (5+ MWp) industrial-scale solar power stations.
  • Medium-size ground-based PV power stations (1-5 MWp).
  • BIPV and roof-based solar power stations, including multiroof-located options.
  • Industrial and home ESS systems.

Civil construction and electrical work

The services of the Avenston group of companies in the installation of solar power plants include both integrated project management and individual construction and installation works: the installation of all types of foundations for the mounting of supporting metal structures (driven piles, concrete piles, geoscrews, gravity blocks, etc.) or trackers, laying of cable networks in trenches and cable trays, installation of power and protective electrical equipment, commissioning works. In addition, we carry out commissioning work at solar power plants, the adjustment of relay control and protection systems, install monitoring systems, sensors and sensors, and much more.

Implementing the construction of solar PV power plants, we independently carry out installation and construction work for roof-top and ground-mounted solar power plants. Our company has gained extensive practical experience in installing solar panels on almost all types of roofs and various soils. Installation of equipment (solar modules, inverters, transformer substations, etc.) should be carried out by professionals who have accumulated extensive practical experience and are aware of which technological methods should be applied and which are undesirable. The solar power station built with Avenston is an important step towards ensuring maximum power generation and reliable operation of your facility over many years of operation.