TAVANSKA Solar PV Power Plant

Tavan Solar PV power plants with total capacity 22,45 MW were developed, designed and built by our group during 2017-2019 (8,2 MW, 8,5 MW and 5,75 MW). We have acted in the project as land developer and full EPC-contractor and performed all work on this facility, starting from getting land permits, grid permits and up to the commissioning and green tariff obtaining. The construction phase of the last stage of PV power plant was  completed in May 2019.

Tavan Solar PV power plant has been developed, designed and built by our group. We acted in the project as developer and EPC-contractor and performed all work on this facility, starting from getting land and grid permits and up to the commissioning and green tariff obtaining. There were 3 main stages of this project: Tavan Solar 1, Tavan Solar 2 and Tavan Solar 3.

Key project details

  • DC power: 22,45 MWp
  • Stage:  100% completed
  • Construction completion: 2017-2019
  • Type of solar plant: on-grid (10 kV)
  • Solar panels: poly-Si (Hanwha Q CELLS)
  • Inverters: SMA Tripower 60 kW
  • Structures:  ground mounted, fixed
  • Plant area: 43,5 ha
  • Location: Beryslav, Kherson region, Ukraine

List of our services:

  • Project development and turn-key project management
  • Feasibility study
  • Land and grid permissions obtaining
  • Pre-design surveys
  • Engineering and design (PV, LV, MV, external grids)
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Grid connection
  • Licensing and green tariff support

Cooperative Solar Farms

People interested in harvesting the sun’s energy, can now participate in a unique program – the Sol Partners Cooperative Solar Farm. One of the major advantages of the program is that United Power will maintain the solar farm – the customer only pays for the cost of the panel. It is anticipated that one 210 watt panel will produce about a 3% return on its investment or approximately $32 per year in electricity credits.
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The usage of the Gantt chart for the design and construction of solar power plants

The project schedule is an important tool for managing the construction of a solar energy facility. It allows the project manager to plan the delivery of equipment and materials to the construction site, to synchronize the work of carriers and subcontractors, it is important for monitoring the construction process and project costs, to anticipate and prevent possible delays. Using the project schedule is much more effective than just a list-calendar of events
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