TAVANSKA Solar PV Power Plant

Tavan Solar PV power plants with total capacity 22,45 MW were developed, designed and built by our group during 2017-2019 (8,2 MW, 8,5 MW and 5,75 MW). We have acted in the project as land developer and full EPC-contractor and performed all work on this facility, starting from getting land permits, grid permits and up to the commissioning and green tariff obtaining. The construction phase of the last stage of PV power plant was  completed in May 2019.

Tavan Solar PV power plant has been developed, designed and built by our group. We acted in the project as developer and EPC-contractor and performed all work on this facility, starting from getting land and grid permits and up to the commissioning and green tariff obtaining. There were 3 main stages of this project: Tavan Solar 1, Tavan Solar 2 and Tavan Solar 3.

Key project details

  • DC power: 22,45 MWp
  • Stage:  100% completed
  • Construction completion: 2017-2019
  • Type of solar plant: on-grid (10 kV)
  • Solar panels: poly-Si (Hanwha Q CELLS)
  • Inverters: SMA Tripower 60 kW
  • Structures:  ground mounted, fixed
  • Plant area: 43,5 ha
  • Location: Beryslav, Kherson region, Ukraine

List of our services:

  • Project development and turn-key project management
  • Feasibility study
  • Land and grid permissions obtaining
  • Pre-design surveys
  • Engineering and design (PV, LV, MV, external grids)
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Grid connection
  • Licensing and green tariff support

Solar power plants are one of the key competencies for companies belonging to the Avenston group. We provide any necessary services for solar energy projects, starting from the support of the development stage to maintenance of already built photovoltaic power plants or systems. All the main stages of the implementation of such projects are carried out by us independently or with the involvement of selected partners. In the second case, all key processes are managed and controlled by Avenston’s in-house project managers. Our portfolio includes a large number of designed and built industrial solar PV power plants, home solar power plants, as well as other projects in related areas.

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