Avenston Group, as a co-investor and technical partner, took part in the implementation of an investment project for the construction of a new high-tech ground-based photovoltaic solar station. The on-grid solar power plant was designed and built in the second half of 2021. The facility will be connected to a power transmission grid to sell all produced electricity by FIT, which is acting in Ukraine.

In 2021, all the work on the preparation and approval of project documentation was carried out, supplies of materials and equipment were completed, and the construction of a solar power plant was done. The project provided for the use of the largest possible share of materials and equipment made in Ukraine, and also applied advanced photovoltaic technologies to increase the efficiency of converting solar radiation energy into electrical energy.

Our solar power plants have been built throughout Ukraine. This project is located in Dnipro. The type of solar panels is bifacial. Object type – the on-grid solar power plant of ground type (based on mounting structures with fixed tilt). Purpose – an industrial solar power plant to operate at a “green” tariff.