The project “Rehabilitation of street lighting in Ivanovka village”

Below is the information on the project «Rehabilitation of street lighting in Ivanovka» using photovoltaic modules, which is being implemented by company of our group.

The project in the village planned to install at least 53 solar lights. Development of the project due to the fact that in the village there is no street lighting network, and therefore there is a need not only in the reconstruction of the existing power lines, but also a fundamentally new approach to the creation of new networks of autonomous lighting using PV modules.

The project is supported and funded by local governments and local business organizations, including the district administration, “Ivanovo Rainbow” public organization, “Cube” farm, “Omelianenko” farm, “Dawn” farm and some local private households.

The project will create a safe environment to all segments of the population living in the area. After commissioning of autonomous lighting using PV modules will not spend money to pay for electricity and thereby saving the budget of the village council. Thus, the money will be saved for other important problems of the village. Application of new technologies will improve the efficiency of energy saving measures.

The project is carried out with unique lighting LED lights that are designed and manufactured by Rentechno. Lights are located along the street at a distance of 1.5 m from the edge of the roadway with a pitch of 25 m. In this area lighting lamps at nominal power lights provide illumination of not less than 2 lux at every point of the lighting area. Power is provided by lamps on batteries (batteries), which are charged by solar modules through a charge controller.

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