Shooting sports club “007”

Sports and shooting club “007” is a country club for sports and recreation, located 10 km from Kyiv along the highway, includes 7 shooting galleries of various configurations and purposes, as well as an open area for paintball, a workout area and an obstacle course, interactive a laser shooting range for children, a small archery field, a sports complex, a Wellness center, a restaurant and a hotel.

The shooting range, based on the principles of practical shooting, provides its guests with the opportunity to receive shooting training of the highest level, working in an environment as close as possible to a real situation. Trainings are carried out on the move, among the scenery simulating a variety of scenarios from your favorite films.

Since the complex has a broader focus than a place for training and competitions, it compactly accommodates a sports complex and a health center, as well as a barbecue area, a museum “Agent 007”, a European cuisine restaurant, modern office buildings, and all this amid a magnificent landscape park.

спортивно-стрелковый клуб

The land plot has the designated purpose “Construction of a restaurant and hotel complex and a sports and shooting club” and is privately owned. Project documentation is under development. The concept of the project: creation of a club for active leisure with a focus on shooting sports, holding thematic events. Audience: families with children, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, athletes, hunters, office workers (team building, corporate events, conferences, etc.)

On the territory of the complex, it is planned to build such capital buildings as a restaurant, a hotel, 2 office buildings, a sports complex. The total building area will be 0.9 hectares. There are also such facilities as an open shooting range, paintball areas, workout, obstacle course, barbecue area, playground, landscape park, parking.

Partnership terms are available upon request.

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