Operations & Maintenance

Having worked with the leading equipment manufacturers, and with an experience of over 10 years in the O&M of solar power stations, Avenston carefully looks after our customers’ assets. We expand the useful lifetime of facilities, maximize their profitability, streamline their performance and availability, and minimize their consumption and operating costs. Our experience allows mitigating project risks by offering increased security to the owners, investors, and insurance companies facilitating management in investment projects.

Avenston pays great attention to the technical and service maintenance of renewable energy assets which can be routine, or non-routine, as well as in event of equipment failure or fault. We offer an extensive scope of services that can be customized to meet customer requirements:

  • Detailed analysis of technical conditions of the equipment
  • 24/7 monitoring and fault detection
  • 24/7 security control
  • Scheduled test and inspection visits
  • Monthly and annual operation reporting
  • Ground maintenance and land management
  • Thermographic diagnostic surveying
  • Preventive PV and LV equipment maintenance, including panel cleaning
  • HV systems and equipment maintenance
  • Warranty management and spare parts stock control
  • Trouble-shooting processes

Service maintenance efficiently performed allows not only to identify possible shortcomings in the operation of the equipment but also provides its guaranteed operation. The benefits resulting from our service support: guaranteed high level of service, оptimization and ability to schedule servicing and repair costs, minimization of business risks by downtime reducing and prevention of possible accidents, application of advanced technologies and techniques, responsiveness.

Additional services

Avenston also performs works on the full technical inspection of any type of solar power station, performs thermal imaging examinations, and carries out repairs of supporting metal structures (both fix-tilt and trackers). Our service team can conduct extraordinary visits if it is necessary to quickly eliminate the consequences of accidents or identify critical defects in the operation of any equipment of the solar power plants. Upon the сustomer’s request, the modernization of the existing systems is possible, which provides expanding the functionality.


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