CEO of Avenston has been recognized as the outstanding personality of 2018 in the field of sustainable energy in Eastern Europe

Several weeks ago, the SEF-2018, the 10th International Forum and Exhibition of Sustainable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe, fell off in Kiev. During 4 working days, many interesting and important discussions have taken place and many new meetings and negotiations have been conducted.

It was a week of active and effective exchange of views about the key trends in energy development, both globally and separately in our country, as well as the prospects for a 100% transition to renewable energy consumption. A lot of technical issues, plans for legislative changes, development strategies and many other aspects of the RES sector have been discussed.

Representatives of Avenston, which this time performed as the General Engineering Partner of SEF-2018, not only participated in this event, but also were honored with another important award. There were the Second Annual SEF Awards 2018, which highlights the top quality of projects development, best products and outstanding personalities in the field of sustainable energy in Eastern Europe was arranged.

This year the prestigious award was granted to Mr. Dmytro Lukomskyi, CEO of Avenston LLC, who was recognized as the outstanding personality of the year in the field of sustainable energy in Eastern Europe.

Dmytro Lukomskyi is Ukrainian investor, entrepreneur and top manager, who has been qualified in the field of renewable energy projects since 2001. He started his professional growth at the Kvazar JSC, where he led the engineering and technology department of the Department of Production of Solar Photovoltaic Transformers and Solar Modules during 2001-2007. While working on Kvazar, Dmytro directly participated in the development of technology and the organization of solar photovoltaic production, and also, after studying at the University of Cardiff (Wales), the first in Ukraine who introduced and established serial production of solar modules in our country.

For the next three years, Dmytro Lukomskyi obtained practical experience in project management in the energy and industry sectors: he led the project on the organization of the production of thermoelectric devices for the North American automotive industry and participated in the operational management of a group of industrial assets in such fields as shipbuilding, non-iron-ore materials, machinery, and also clean-tech (production of fuel pellets, projects in the field of bio- and wind energy).

In 2010, together with its partners he has founded Rentechno LLC. Since 2016 – General Director of Rentechno Prime, one of the leaders in solar energy market in Ukraine and leading Ukrainian distributor of solar power equipment. The total capacity of all solar power plants the group companies Rentechno has participated, exceeded 150 MW. With the participation and under the direct guidance of Dmytro Lukomskyi, one of the first commercial solar power plants on the territory of Ukraine were built, which, among other things, provided a large number of new jobs.

In 2018, he founded and became CEO of Avenston, which provides consulting, design, construction, engineering, and investment in renewable energy projects in Ukraine. That company was established during the evolutionary development and expansion of the business interests of Dr Dmytro Lukomskyi as entrepreneur. Today, Avenston is successful company in the full cycle of managing and implementing RE projects.

Dmytro Lukomskyi is a member of the Board of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine, whose goal is broad support for the development of the solar energy sector and promotion of Ukraine’s innovative potential development.

Throughout all work activities, the entrepreneur has been actively engaged in science research related to solar energy. During 2003-2006, he developed the generalized technique of management of parameters solid-state solar cells and, as a result, successfully defended his dissertation in 2006 and received a Ph.D. Dmytro is the author of 35 articles, co-author of two monographs and several patents. He has participated and acted as a speaker at many scientific and practical conferences. During recent years, he has been a speaker at numerous industry conferences, forums and seminars. Constantly conducts educational activities in the development of solar energy on a national scale, speaking on radio, television and publishing in various business and scientific publications. Consistently deals with the idea of increasing the level of renewable energy sources in Ukraine’s electric system.

In recent years, the businessman actively engages in attracting foreign investors for the construction of solar power plants on the territory of Ukraine. As CEO of Avenston he improves Ukraine’s image on the international scene thanks to his many years’ practical experience and active professional position in the field of solar energy. He is recognized national expert in the field of renewable energy and a well-known person in the business community.

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