Procurement and Construction

Avenston carries out construction of facilities and structures for a wide range of customers from various sectors of the economy. Our clients include trade enterprises, logistics companies, power generation and transmission companies, agricultural companies and many others. We install and build everything from industrial and commercial projects to the modernization and expansion of electrical systems; from design and installation of production equipment to power supply and distribution systems; from the modernization of engineering systems to the implementation of repair and construction work. The core competence of the Avenston group is the construction of commercial solar power plants for business and the private sector (for details on the corresponding services, see the link).

Avenston offers the following services for the implementation of construction projects in the field of real estate, industry and energy facilities.

  • Performing set of measures on site preparation including the obtaining of all of the relevant permits for construction, road traffic management in the area of construction site, arranging the subcontractor’s staff training;
  • Selection, completion and supply for the construction sites;
  • Performing erection and commissioning works including such works for indistinctive objects;
  • Construction and commissioning supervision;
  • Construction statement analysis and supervision.

The construction department of Avenston Engineering is staffed with all the necessary specialists who have the appropriate permits and approvals. The existing construction license allows the company to carry out construction and installation work and provide the necessary related services. Design engineers, project and department managers, electricians, builders, installers and other technical and managerial personnel of the company have the necessary qualifications and have accumulated many years of experience in construction work. Our procurement service has built long-term relationships with reliable suppliers and is committed to offering the best products and materials available on the market.

In addition to construction work, Avenston offers services for the installation of external and internal engineering grids for industrial facilities, agriculture, commercial real estate, trade, logistics, entertainment, etc. Our approaches to cooperation guarantee high quality work and ensure that competitive prices and deadlines for the installation work are met.

Each division of the Avenston group of companies works efficiently and cost-effectively to meet the challenges of our clients. With unrivaled experience and interest in creative problem solving, we can handle any challenge. Avenston’s qualified specialists have planned and executed a wide range of construction and installation projects.

Construction and installation of solar power plants

Services of Avenston Group for the installation of commercial solar power plants include both complex project management and individual construction and installation works. Our logistics and procurement department has many years of experience in planning and purchasing, supplying equipment and materials to construction sites of solar energy projects. We successfully carry out all the work and provide all the services related to the turnkey construction of solar power plants.

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