Organization of solar panels manufacturing facilities

Avenston has consolidated the team of highly qualified specialists with many years of practical experience in the field of solar energy, ranging from scientific research to organizing and tracking production of silicon, photovoltaic cells and solar panels. Our employees were directly involved in running enterprises in Ukraine, Canada and Switzerland, accompanied by projects for the installation of solar energy in Cuba, Egypt, Iraq, Kazakhstan, USA and some other countries, and also participated in other projects related to solar energy. Our team received training and internships worldwide.

Within the chosen areas, our company has long-standing partnerships with companies and research institutes in Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. There are well-known manufacturing companies of USA, France and the Middle East among our clients.

Based on our own experience and expertise of partners, the company provides qualified consulting support at all stages of products implementation and solutions related to solar energy in such areas: PV components manufacturing technology, PV farms development and commissioning. Our consulting service is aimed at both start-up business with no experience in PV and operating business with experience in PV.

Solar module manufacturing

Work with us involves the creation of a profitable business for the production of solar modules with an annual capacity of up to 100 MW. A key driver of the project is the steady growth of the world market of solar modules — experts predict that in the next decade, market growth will be around 20-30% per year. Specialists of Avenston have many years of practical experience in solar energy, ranging from scientific research to organizing and tracking production of silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels. Our team is a unique balance of technology experts and PV market professionals. We are glad to share our expertise and hands-on experience with our clients.

Production cycle of a solar module includes such technological operations, as soldering of solar cells together according to the specified electrical circuit diagram; encapsulation of connected solar cells with laminated material; assembling of framework and junction block; testing.

Solar cells assembling can be divided into following operations: serial connection of photoelectric converters into chains; serial/parallel connection of prepared  solar cells chains into a matrix (for example, 6X12 elements). After that solar cells move to encapsulation stage: forming of a “sandwich” from glass, encapsulating material layer (EVA), photoelectric converters, second layer of encapsulating material and rear module protective cover; testing of semi-finished product for electrical opens; final encapsulation of semi-finished “sandwich” at high temperature and excessive pressure; surplus removing.

At this very stage laminated solar cells matrixes already can produce electrical energy, but still can’t be named as final product. Following operations are required for production cycle finalization: to install a framework  around a module’s perimeter and to assemble commutation/junction block.

Testing of a finished solar module includes electrical parameters detection and mains frequency dielectric measurement. Full-finished modules are sorted by product classes, packed and shipped to customers.

Support for projects to organize the production of solar panels

If you are interested in building its own manufacturing plant for the production of solar modules, solar cells, silicon wafers or ingots, please contact our company. We will take full support of your project, thereby ensuring its implementation at the highest level, the time and cost of the investor. We commit ourselves to providing services of the highest quality and we are flexible to discuss various approaches and cooperation schemes. Organization of a production line for solar batteries in Ukraine or abroad together with Avenston is the best way to consider our accumulated operational experience in order to escape many errors, connected with wrong choice of equipment or basic technology for solar panels manufacturing.

Our company provides following services for organization of mass production of solar panels:

  1. Proximate technical analysis of the chosen solar batteries production technology and technological equipment. Potential risks evaluation.
  2. Search and selection of optimal technological equipment (manufacturing lines), including search for suitable preowned  equipment. Search and selection of auxiliary equipment (including equipment made in Ukraine), required for organization of solar batteries production, in order to optimize costs of future manufacturing lines. Formulation, checking and analysis of contracts for supply of production equipment.
  3. Analisys of potential production sites for applicability to organize production facilities for photoelectric modules manufacturing. Release of technical specifications for planned production site (or modernization of existing one) based on technical parameters of  equipment package in question.
  4. Screening of potential suppliers for solar elements and other component parts, required for solar batteries manufacturing, together with analysis of their price offers   depending on predefined annual capacity (productivity of future manufacturing lines). Negotiations with potential component parts suppliers in order to optimize their stupulated supply terms
  5. Calculation of expected structure of capital and operational expenses of future manufacturing enterprise: working space preconditioning, equipment purchase, labour costs,   floating assets and so on. Construction of financial model to calculate costs of production for photoelectric modules. Preparation of extended business-plan in order to build a solar batteries factory.
  6. Technical and technological support for processes of a production site construction (repair), assembling works and technological equipment  start-up and adjustment. Technological processes debugging and pilot lot production. Stuff screening, education and sertification (both workers and management positions).

Furthermore Avenston specialists would help you with maintenance of more complex vertically-integrated projects:

  • Factory construction with production lines both for solar batteries and photoelectric converters.
  • Production with production lines for monosilicone/multisilicone ingots, silicone wafers, solar elements and further solar modules assembling up to finished product stage.
  • Business projects, including both component parts production and solar stations construction with further sale of solar electrical energy by green tariff.
  • Other investment projects in the field of solar energy.

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