Owner’s Engineering Services

Avenston provides professional consultancy services – Owner’s Engineering Services for Solar PV Projects covering project construction supervision, design review, commissioning, project&contract management and acceptance tests to achieve cost and operational efficiency. Our team are experienced in the design and supervision of construction and commissioning of solar projects including utility scale and rooftop solar PV systems, civil/mechanical structures, grid interconnection, and other appurtenant works. We not only presenting the project owner’s interests in contract implementation in front of the solar EPC-contractor during all phases of project (pre-construction phase, construction phase and commissioning phase), but also do interface with Electricity Distribution Entities on the technical requirements for the solar PV systems that should be considered by the EPC contractors with focus on the interconnection facilities.

The objectives of our services are ensuring that the project is implemented with a high standards of quality, on schedule, and within the budget, in accordance of the specifications and drawings of the EPC contract and within the requirements of grid operators to which the PV systems will be connected. Usually, the following activities are performed by Avenston:

  • Presenting the project owner’s interests in contract implementation in front of the EPC contractor during all phases of project (pre-construction phase, construction phase and commissioning phase).
  • Support the project owner in contract management and related reporting.
  • A discussion, review and confirmation for the final design according to contract requirements and the best practices.
  • A Review for the Bill of Material submitted by the EPC contractor for each site and approve it according to the approved final design.
  • Participation in equipment inspection, factory testing of equipment as required by the employer.
  • A review of the existing site technical documentation as provided by the project owner and opine on preliminary design layout and maximum allowable peak DC power capacity for each site.
  • Site visits to identify construction, operational risks and special technical requirements.
  • All project management related services such as project execution plans, project risks and development of a risk mitigation plans.
  • Construction Supervision, Commissioning and Acceptance Tests.
  • Support the project owner and EPC contractors by assessment of the implementation schedule, identifying&mitigating operational risks.
  • A review and confirmation for the acceptance test proposals made by the EPC contractor.
  • A review and confirmation for the O&M Manual prepared by the EPC contractor during the defect notification period.
  • Providing additional technical support to the project owner as needed for successful implementation of the EPC Contract
  • Regular meetings with the EPC contractor to review project progress, technical issues, and measures to achieve the targeted cost, quality and schedule control.
  • Recommendations to the project owner regarding settlement of any claims by the EPC contractor.
  • Preparation of weekly/monthly reports.

For effective implementation, our work is carried out by a fully integrated team of staff consisting of the Project Manager, own staff/experts, and any needed locally hired manpower. Our team operates as an independent and self-sufficient entity with the Project Manager entrusted with full responsibility and authority to act on behalf of the Consultant. The services are implementing in a way to ensure full management and control of the project. The construction management, construction supervision including monitoring of the environmental, social and health issues are carried out from within the site.

The focal point of project organization is the Project Manager, the principal contact and communication channel with the Customer. The Project Manager has total project responsibility for the work and for providing the requisite leadership, direction, and supervision. He exercises all standard management functions including planning, scheduling, reporting, directing, organizing, and controlling; and is involved in key technical activities to achieve maximum efficiency and benefit to Project. We also provide an experienced quality control manager who is responsible on following up with the contractor on all quality related issues of the project including, but not limited to: the review/approval of the quality control plan submitted by the contractor, follow up on all aspects of the approved QA/QC plan, inspection of material/equipment delivered, review and approve testing procedures submitted by the contractor and witness all tests made. All engineering staff reports to the project manager. Our team is able to communicate fluently in English Language.

Avenston company has knowledge and previous experience in Owner Engineering Services for Solar Projects as well as substantial previous experience in dealing with contractual matters and contract claims (including under FIDIC conditions) both for centralized utility scale solar and distributed rooftop solar PV systems.