Rooftop solar PV power plants in Ukraine

Roof solar power stations for legal entities is a reliable long-term investment, which can be effective both due to the use of the “green” tariff to sale of electricity to the grid, and by reducing own costs for the purchase of electricity from the grid when using solar electricity for own consumption.

Given the cost of a kilowatt hour for commercial enterprises and industry (and its growth dynamics), the latter option will become increasingly economically feasible, stimulating the further development of the commercial roof solar plants segment. World trends also confirm the great prospects and further growth in the number of roof solar power plants in Ukraine.

One of the key conditions for the successful implementation of the roof solar power plant project is the high-quality design of such facilities. Among the companies that are professionally engaged in the installation of solar power plants on the roofs, as well as responsibly and efficiently manage such projects — AVENSTON company. Our own project team has sufficient experience in the design of roof power plants, which is further enhanced by the presence of our own service unit. We offer turnkey services for design and installation of roof-top solar power systems on buildings and structures of any types and complexity.

Benefits of Roof Solar Power

Distributed power generation based on rooftop PV systems has significant advantages both from the point of view of networks and from the point of view of the whole society. Medium-sized solar power-stations are very often installed on roofs. Such mounting method has certain advantages:

  • Possibility to avoid quite long and complicated procedure related to formalization of documents and procedure on taking of a lot land for renewable energy purposes.
  • This accelerates the general cycle of a project, that allows to save budget costs.
  • The optimal solution for cases, when land proprietor is on the shortage of area and aims to keep the primary purpose of agricultural lands untouched.
  • Solar panels suffer less from shading by high buildings or trees in case of placing of a station within limits of a settlement or nearby green plantations.

Cost-effectiveness of rooftop PV power plants

Roof-mounted solar power plants have great prospects for the future even without the use of such incentive tools as the “green” tariff.

The main advantage of rooftop PV is that electricity is produced where it is consumed, and when it is needed. For example, in summer, air conditioners work in office premises at a time when the largest flow of solar energy is observed. After the installation of a solar power station for the owner of the building in the summer, cooling and air conditioning costs are significantly reduced. It is also possible to provide reliable uninterrupted power for the building and improve the quality of power supply by additionally installing batteries, the cost of which is constantly falling.

Electricity prices continue to fluctuate from time to time, making it difficult to calculate electricity costs over a period of time. However, the price of electricity generated by a solar station can be easily determined. In fact, you can even predict the cost of generating electricity for another 10 — 20 years. That is a sound investment. Also, the operating cost of rooftop solar power plants is stable and relatively low, with minimal maintenance required.

Rooftop power plants can be installed on any type of roof. This way, people do not need to free up land or invest in buying more land to install solar panels. Besides, the panels provide additional protection for the roof of the building on which they are installed.


строительство крышных солнечных электростанций

Prospects and opportunities of rooftop solar power plants

PV-plants for roofs have great prospects since they produce electricity directly near a place of its consumption. Rooftop photovoltaic power systems significantly reduce the business costs for electricity and solve the problem of sudden power outages.

One of the most beneficial qualities of rooftop solar plants in the summer is that they produce electricity that powers the air conditioners in the room. In bright sunshine, when there is a need to cool the room using air conditioning systems, there is maximum insolation and maximum energy generation.

Our company will help you use the full potential of the free space of the roof to generate free electricity!

The service life of rooftop solar power plants is more than 25 years, and the payback in the natural conditions of Ukraine is about 4-7 years. After reaching the payback point, the PV-plant owner will receive almost free energy from solar panels on the roof. If proper operation, then replacement or repair of equipment, may require no earlier than after 15 years and only for controllers and inverters.

Solar panels need minimal maintenance, and you can install them on any type of roof. The main thing you should to do is to choose the right mounting system. Installing solar modules on the roof excludes the cost of the purchase or release of the land. Also, solar panels protect the roof against atmospheric phenomena.

Investing in a solar power plant is a profitable and effective solution. The installation of solar panels on the roof begins to be profitable by saving on energy supply from the moment the station is launched. Such smart investments increase the profitability of your business, and for many years steadily serve the benefit of the company.

AVENSTON services include design, equipment supply, construction, and launch of a solar power station! We also carry out operations and maintenance of rooftop PV-plants throughout their entire service life.

Our professional approach to every project from start to finish ensures the stable operation of the energy system, which brings passive income to customers for many years!

Our company provides a set of activities for implementation rooftop PV system for commercial and industrial facilities: roof surveys, design documentation, equipment and materials supply, construction and electrical works, grid connection.

We build rooftop solar PV systems on all types of industrial buildings: shopping malls, factories, workshops, warehouses, hangars, agricultural buildings, farm buildings, car parkings, open sheds and canopies, educational and recreational establishments. We have  accumulated a large experience in planning and implementation of the complete cycle of building and installation works, and also in further maintenance of roof photovoltaic stations of a different type, from small private solar stations to large commercial rooftop solar power stations.

Stages of the rooftop solar power plant construction by AVENSTON

  1. Pre-design works
  2. Engineering and design
  3. Supply of equipment to a construction site
  4. Construction and electrical works
  5. Commissioning a PV-plant and staff training
  6. Operations & Maintenance

Business Benefits of Rooftop Solar Power Plants

A business gains many benefits by installing solar panels on the rooftop of the facility. Be it a livestock farm or production hall, shopping mall or office building, supermarket, or market. The roof area is usually not using, but one way or another you have to maintain and repair it. Below you can learn some of the advantages of rooftop solar systems:

1. Clean and free energy generation

The sun is accessible to anyone on the planet. You do not have to pay for using this inexhaustible resource. Besides, you will reduce the carbon footprint of your company and be on par with the largest world corporations that care about the environment.

2. Energy independence and cost decreasing for the energy supply of the enterprise

Passive income from solar generation is purchasing electricity saves. At the same time, energy consumption is going on near the place of its production. It reduces losses and increases the performance of PV-plant. The rooftop solar station allows you to get some energy independence, which is especially a handful when unstable external power supply.

3. Low maintenance and long service life

A professional approach to the construction and maintenance of a solar power plant ensures its unpretentious use and long service life. The productivity and efficiency of the station depend on how professionally the contractor completes all stages of construction. An experienced contractor must select the right equipment and install it correctly.

4. The rooftop position helps prevent solar panel shading

The maximum efficiency of the panels is possible in the absence of shading objects, so the roof of the enterprise is the best place to place them.

5. Maximum insolation coincides with the maximum load of the enterprise

People’s biological rhythms coincide with the solar rhythm. Our whole life is subject to the alternation of day and night. Accordingly, the operating mode of the enterprise most often adapts to the daily movement of the sun. The main consumption occurs in the daytime when the maximum amount of solar radiation falls on the solar modules and generate a maximum amount of electricity. As for enterprises with an around-the-clock mode of operation, it is beneficial for them to use energy storage systems.

6. Coverage area

The more solar panels, the more productive a solar plant, and the larger area it occupies. Unused roof space is convenient for electric station construction.

7. Silent operation and roof protection

Solar generation is the most silent and imperceptible power generation for humans from all types of renewable energy sources. Besides, the rooftop placement of modules is protecting the roof from wind, rain, or other natural phenomena affecting it.

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Questions and answers

Why install a solar power plant on the roof?

The installation of solar panels on the roof of the enterprise allows you to receive additional income from the free unclaimed roof area. The owner of a solar power station uses the kW-hours produced in this way for self-consumption or sells it to an external electric grid at a special “green” tariff.

What affects the payback period of a rooftop solar power plant?

First of all, these are correctly performed calculations and equipment selection. Today there is a wide range of panels with various production technologies. AVENSTON engineers have in-depth expertise in solar panels. We work with reliable suppliers and manufacturers of equipment. Contact us, and we will offer you the most optimal solution. Also, it is the region in which the station located. If the conditions are favorable, then productivity, efficiency, and the payback will be higher.

Which roofs are suitable for mounting solar panels?

The main rule is that the roof must be strong enough to support the weight of the modules and structures. This is usually not a problem since a properly designed roof can withstand an additional load of 100 kg/m2. The solar system will add only 9-13 kg/m2, so the integrity of the roof will not be damaged. Roofs of buildings are of two types: pitched and flat. Both types are suitable for mounting solar panels. But the roof material plays a significant role when choosing the option of installing solar panels. The most difficult to mount modules on the slate and a wooden roof. At the same time, tiled or metal roofs are a good place to install solar panels. The age of the roof is also must take into account. Since solar modules have a lifespan of about 25 years, you need to make sure that the roof is durable enough and you will not have to dismantle the solar station to repair the roof.

If you still have questions contact us, and we will gladly give answers to them! +380 (66) 508-07-64,


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