Dmytro Lukomskyi about the main industry trends

We continue to publish Avenston CEO Dmytro Lukomskyi’s comments provided to the Energy Club blog. This time, Dmytro Vasilyevich continues to analyze the determining factors in the development of solar energy in Ukraine and talks about the main industry trends shortly.

CEO Avenston Dmytro Lukomskyi’s comment:

«Today technically much simpler to build a solar power plant for own needs without transferring electricity to a common grid over long distances. Also, it simplifies the steps of negotiating and obtaining various licenses. All this leads to project capital investments decreasing in the project, making it more interesting in terms of investment return.

There will be more and more such projects in Ukraine every year. But their capacity will not be as high as the capacity of the projects last year. That is, we will no longer see new solar power plants with tens or hundreds of megawatts. Most likely, new facilities will have a capacity of hundreds of kilowatts. There will be many of such projects, which will lead to the transformation of the solar energy industry in Ukraine. The profile of investors will change, the economic indicators of projects will change, but I am sure that the development of the industry will not stop.

The only question that remains is how quickly changes will occur and what will determine the market development for the next years. This issue is actively discussing now. Unfortunately, the signals we receive from the state do not always meet the expectations of industry players. Some of the proposals are even tougher than what discusses at round tables with the relevant civic and business association’s involvement.These moments today significantly hinder and slow down our development. But we hope that the voice of reason and sober economic calculation will prevail. And the decisions that will be made, the new changes in the legislation that we will see in the coming months, I hope, will not stop the industry development, but only guide it in a more correct direction! And it will be beneficial to both the state and citizens, and companies that do business in this area».

About the Energy Club. Information and analytical platform Energy Club is a platform for communication of Energy Market specialists of Ukraine and establishing a dialogue between business and authorities. This ambitious project founded in 2016 to help businesses implement cutting-edge alternative energy projects. Dmytro Lukomskyi about Energy Club: “Via the club’s events, new members find potential partners and like-minded people. In discussions during meetings, solutions to problematic issues of doing business are born, in particular, the tax system, licensing procedures; the legislative rules of the energy market are being perfected.”