Permissive and Management Consulting

Avenston offers a full list of permissive and management consulting services regarding civil, industrial and power facilities. 

  • Selection and registration of the property rights on the land plots for construction including civil, industrial and power facilities;
  • Drafting of land development sections of the design documentation;
  • Supervision of approval process for land development issues of design documentation;
  • Execution of independent assessment of state of the land plots as investment objects, including investment risks, comprehensive research of land plot legal status and cost (due diligence);
  • Interconnection of facilities to power grids of all scales including civil, industrial and power objects;
  • Support with licensing and all kinds of tariffs assigning to power facilities;
  • Due Diligence of industrial and power projects;
  • Technical Economic Assessment of measures for reduction of power consumption;
  • Energy efficient technologies introduction.