Solar canopies, charging stations and parking lots

Car park solar canopies are one of the popular uses for solar panels. More and more often, such solar sheds are combined with charging stations for electric vehicles, which significantly expands the functionality of parking lots.

From an application point of view, the electricity generated by such solar parks can be transferred to the grid, directly used for own needs, or stored in batteries for consumption at a more appropriate time.

In addition to receiving cheap and environmentally friendly electricity, solar canopies protect people and equipment from negative weather conditions (rain or snow), provide comfortable shading from the influence of direct sunlight, and also bring additional aesthetics to the city environment.

Avenston specialists have extensive experience in the implementation of such projects and will help you develop or select the most optimal technical solution for solar parking. Our solar canopies combine both highly efficient technical solutions and modern architectural and visual developments. We design canopies based on solar panels, as well as carry out any other works on the implementation of solar energy projects.