Solar Power Plants

Currently, photovoltaic solar power plants (solar farms, solar PV plants) are the most popular worldwide. They consist of individual solar panels (photovoltaic solar modules) that are combined in series and parallel strings. Such solar power plants are widely used all over the world to supply energy to various objects (private houses, cottages, boarding houses, sanatoriums, industrial buildings, villages, cities, etc.) and differ in their power, installation, application and so on.

Thus, solar panels can be mounted on a variety of surfaces – from the roof or facade of a building to installation on the ground using special supporting metal structures (fixed or trackers). Accordingly, solar PV power plants can be ground, roof-top or facade type. The number and characteristics of solar modules determine installed capacity of solar farms. There are solar power plants of low, medium and high power. Installed capacities fluctuate in a wide range, from driving individual equipment to power supply to cities. Thus, solar power plants can be private, commercial or utility-scale.

Despite the large number of parameters of the classification, all the variety of solar power plants can be reduced to just a few of the most popular types. The most common ones are listed below. 

Types of Solar Power Plants:

Utility-scale on-grid solar power plants

General contract for the construction of ground-mounted on-grid solar PV power plants with a capacity of 1 MW or more. Development, EPC, grid connection. Sale of electricity at a "green" tariff.
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Middle-size commercial solar power plants

We design and build ground-based commercial solar power plants with a capacity of up to 1 MW to operate for our own consumption or sell electricity at a "green" tariff.
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Rooftop commercial solar power plants

Avenston designs and builds rooftop solar PV power plants. Power generation for self-consumption is an efficient and profitable solution to reduce energy costs for commercial enterprises.
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Solar canopies, charging stations and parking lots

Car park solar canopies are one of the popular uses for solar panels. More and more often, such solar sheds are combined with charging stations for electric vehicles, which significantly expands the functionality of parking lots.
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Home on-grid solar PV systems

We design and build private on-grid solar power plants. Sale of electricity at a "green" tariff for residential solar power plants with a capacity of up to 30 kW. Full technical support and legal consulting at all stages.
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Home backup solar power systems

Use of backup solar power-stations together with systems of electric power accumulation and storage allows to completely avoid interruptions in electric power supply.
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BIPV and facade-mounted solar power systems

Our company is a general contractor in the construction of facade solar power plants and photovoltaic systems integrated into buildings (BIPV).
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Stand-alone solar power systems

Stand-alone off-grid photovoltaic systems are used where there is no centralized power lines (construction is difficult or economically not feasible) or for power supply to mobile objects.
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Experience of the team of Avenston Engineering in numbers:

Engineering and Design: 478.6 MW of solar power plants
Procurement of Equipment for 104.5 MW of solar power plants
Construction and Commissioning: 103.8 MW of solar power plants
Operations and Maintenance for 30.4 MW of solar power plants

One of key competencies of Avenston Engineering is the construction and maintenance of medium and high power solar power plants. Our group of companies carries out a range of works on the engineering, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic solar power plants of all types since 2010. It helped us to accumulate vast practical experience in the implementation of such projects.

Full professional support and expertise at all stages of implementation of solar power plants by Avenston Engineering. We design and build all types of modern solar PV power plants: utility-scale solar power plants, commercial solar power plants, solar power plants for business, home solar power plants, solar power plants for farmers, ground-mounted solar power plants, rooftop solar power plants, on-grid solar power plants, stand-alone solar power plants, solar canopies, solar power plants on crystalline solar modules, solar power plants on thin-film solar modules, and so on. We work with solar power plants of various capacities: 10 kW, 30 kW, 100 kW, 300 kW, 500 kW, 1 MW, 5 MW, 10 MW and more.

Industrial solar power plants

Avenston Engineering is a synthesis of a powerful engineering design cluster based on its many developments and know-how in its work, and an advanced production base that has vast experience in construction and installation work and exploitation. This allowed us to successfully implement a number of projects for the construction of industrial solar power stations, the total capacity of which exceeds one hundred megawatts. We are not only able to design and build solar power plants, we are able to organize the process in a complex way, from the choice of land and solutions to all issues related to starting the plant in operation, and before starting work at a green tariff.

We have accumulated experience in the construction of solar energy for the most different purposes:
– Powerful (10+ MW) industrial solar power plants.
– Ground solar power plants of medium (3-10 MW) power.
– Roof solar power plants, including the location of several buildings.
– Industrial standby solar power plants, etc.

Private solar power plants

In addition to commercial solar farms and systems, our specialists have extensive experience in the segment of home solar power plants. On-grid home solar power plants are the most popular type we built for private households. But we also built private solar power plants for self-consumption – backup power supply systems. Our home solutions include both rooftop solar power plants and systems placed on the ground, solar facades and canopies.

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