Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance is one of the most demanded components of complete security systems. With its help, you will always be able to control what is happening in your office, workshop, warehouse, home or at any other facility.

The efficiency of video surveillance systems depends not only on the quality and functionality of the equipment, but also on its correct installation and configuration. Installation of video surveillance throughout Ukraine is one of Avenston’s services. We will help you calculate the video surveillance system, select the optimal equipment, install and configure it.

Installation of video surveillance systems begins after drawing up a technical assignment, coordinating the documentation with the customer and (if necessary) with supervision athorities. After that, our specialists perform the installation of surveillance cameras, recorders and cabling or creating a wireless connection. The next important steps are connecting the hardware to the grid and configuring the software. At the end of the work, we test the mounted video surveillance system with event modeling, make adjustments and hand over the object to the customer.

The specialists of our company are top-class professionals in the field of video surveillance systems. They are well versed in all the features and characteristics of the equipment used. Depending on the task at hand, we will calculate the number of required chambers and their type, taking into account the temperature regimes of operation and the overlap of “dead” zones. We will select the most optimal type of equipment in agreement with you and mount the system in a short time. In addition, we are ready to offer additional special systems and solutions that will significantly increase the reliability and protection of the protected object.

After the installation of the video surveillance system is completed, a specialist is assigned to each object who is responsible for warranty service and customer support. All information on the object is stored in our database, so in case of any problems with equipment, control or settings, we will make every effort to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Among the projects we have implemented are video surveillance systems and perimeter security for industrial solar power plants, internal and external video surveillance of office and logistics centers, as well as video surveillance in private houses. We work with objects of any complexity and solve any assigned tasks. If you are interested in our services for the installation of video surveillance systems, call the contacts indicated on the website. Our managers will advise you, inform you in cost and terms, and also agree with you on further actions.