EV Charging Stations

There are many electric cars on the roads and their quantity is growing every day. Their owners are searching for places where they can have both: excellent service and an EV charger. Is your business EV-ready? For public host sites like businesses, municipalities, or multi-family residential complexes, installing an electric vehicle charging station can increase loyalty, demonstrate sustainability commitments, strengthen relationships with customers and attract new ones. EV charging can help reduce the environmental impact while supporting the growth of EV fleets. 

Avenston Engineering offers services for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. We are mounting such systems at gas stations, mall parking lots, near offices, hotels, private households and in many other suitable places. Availability of EV chargers near your building will increase its attractiveness and help to get more clients. 

Our AC/DC charging stations are fully tailored for your business needs and meet the highest requirements of quality. Whether what is your business, with own charging station you will get a lot of benefits including the following:

  • Attract new and loyal clients among EV drivers;
  • Make EV charging hassle-free for your staff, providing clients with the best experience possible;
  • Get positioning your business as friendly to modern electrical vehicles.

We work with all key producers and suppliers of EV chargers and can propose to our customers the most suitable solution taking into account their requirements and tasks. Avenston will resolve all formal issues, prepare design, supply equipment and mount it. Working with us you get turnkey solutions without necessity to spend time or get distracted from your main business. We are trying to implement all our projects on a turnkey basis. So we propose not only just to mount charging stations for electric cars, but also do all other electrical works for your asset including external and internal engineering systems

As an option, we offer upgrades of existing charging stations by solar canopies or by installing new EV stations already equipped with PV modules. It can be useful to improve multifunctionality of your main asset by production of clean energy as well as by shading of cars during charging  to save it against rain, sun or snow. Avenston Engineering provides services for the design, supply of equipment and installation of solar canopies which can work in parallel with EV charging stations.